Friday, December 23, 2016


Dear Family and Friends.


Just a final few words to send off this week. First of all I thank my heavenly father for the past amazing 18 months he has given me in his service. I have learned more in the past year and a half, then I think I had in the previous 19 years. I thank everyone whose supported me during this time, for your enocuraging words each week (and sorry for not always responding) and more than all for your prayers. I thank my amazing parents for writing me everyweek and picking me up with their inspiring letters when I was feeling discouraged. Thank you for your guys example, love and prayers.

I would like to bear my testimony that I know that this is the one and only true church on the face of the Earth. I know that man cannot be happy, in this life nor in the next, without the covenants of the temple and the living of the commandments. I know Joseph Smith did truly see God the Father and the Son. ANd I Know that Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet of God, I sustain him fully and love him dearly. I Know all these things through the power of the HOly Ghost. I have seen miracles and tender mercies that I cannot deny. I know that Christ lives. I know it is all true.

Hna Mostert

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Dear Familia and Friends.


This week, as every one of the last couple of weeks, flew by way too fast! Never the less it was still a great week of contacting opportunities, finding new investigators, and exploring new portions of our area. This week we were able to find Violeta and her daughter, they were another miracle thorugh street contacting in a park. Then we also found Nancy and Frank, nancy is the sister of a less active sister weve been teaching and frank is her husband. They are great, super receptive, and the both have the plan of going to church the following sunday with Nancys sister. We also were able to find again our investigator Evelyn, who had been super busy with her studies and work. SHe also gave us great news that she found a better paying job in which she doesnt have to work sundays!! Shes amazing, really and even though we hadnt been able to meet with her for a couple of weeks, she had been reading her book of mormon diligently. SHe accepted a new baptismal date in January. Though a series of member referrals, and street contacts, we were also able to explore new parts of our area. Especially one called Cachiche, which is mostly dirt and smal little homes, but really receptve people. We were also able to find less active members there! It really showed us that our area is HUGE! Well it was a good week. The sun was a little nicer to us this week, so that was good too.

Also.. HAPPY ANIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!! Woooooo 25 years!!!!!

Well heres to another great week of opportunities!
hna mostert

Thursday, December 8, 2016


This was a great week, and it finished off great as well with a a Saturday trip to the temple with our converts and rescues, and then the Sunday First Presidency Christmas Devotional. The Christmas spirit really began to fill the air this week, with the beginning of the Christmas initiative, Ilumina el Mundo. We were able to begin contacting with the Christmas pass along cards, and people are really alot more receptive this time of the year and weve had  some great contacts. We were also able to find 6 new investigators this week: Cesar and Marta, Rosario, Cecibel, Javier and Piero, all great receptive people were excited to keep visiting and helping to progress. 
WEll this saturday was a very special as we were able to take various recent converts, from our program and from the other program in our ward. The sun came out shining down on the sparkling temple, and just walking around the grounds with everyone, the spirit was so strong. Then as all our converts lined up outside the temple, they mentioned to us their excitement and nervousness at the same time. But then when they came out they all shared their amazement and the spirit they felt. Something changes in a member when they enter the temple for the first time, their eyes are opened a bit more and their testimonies blossom. It really was a blessing to be present in that moment. I love the temple and know that it is the house of the Lord, where he comes to visit.

love you all!
hna mostert




This was a good, yet short week. Due to our trip to Lima for the leadership training on Tuesday, this week flew by even faster than usual. Nevertheless, we worked hard to make up for the 2 days of travel that we were outside our area. We were able to find a new family! Its comprised of the daughter of our rescued sister, and her non-member couple, who have a little 3 month old baby girl. They are very young, both 18 (though they look alot younger), but are both willing to make all the necessary changes to make sure their daughter grows strong in the gospel. They both demostrated this desire by attending church this sunday and accepting our invitations to continue reading the book of mormon (she had shared a bit with him previously) and being able to prepared to be married. They are great, they are very young but i know God has a plan for them. This week we were able to see the Progress of our investigator, Betsy, as shes been reading and praying more fervently, and was able to feel the spirit very strongly at the Elders baptismal service saturday. She now has a stronger desire then ever to preapre herself to be baptized aswell this next month of december. We were able to see many fruits of our labors sunday, when almost all the less active members weve been teaching showed up early for sacrament meeting. Yesterday, hno Julio, who was baptized a couple of weeks ago with his family, received the Priesthood! We saw his after he was ordained and asked him how he felt. He replied that he felt really good, but now he knew he had a great responsibility and that the next step was preparing for the Melchezidec Priesthood. The way he said it, the spirt just testified that he knew and understood his convenants with God. Really this was a great week because the spirit guided us and testified in countless moments.

Well this is a great week because on Saturday were going to the temple with recent converts from ICA!! Woo and even though well have to leave at midnight on friday to get there early, and we probably wont sleep alot on the bus ride, we are so excited!!!!!! The temple is the best and its really something that strengthens the testimony of a recent convert, and all members in general.

hna mostert

Thursday, November 24, 2016


HALLO familia and friends.



Seeing that the last letter I wrote was on Thursday, this one will be a little shorter than usual. These last couple pf days have been good. Especially we were able to work hard with the members to make sure that our investigators with baptismal dates could make it to sacrament meeting. However now we have a new focus, helping investigators and less active members stay the whole block of church. Ironically, my companion and I both gave talks on the topic this sunday in sacrament meeting, and still manny of them took off after the sacrament meeting or after the gospel principles class. Our goal is to make sure our commitments include staying for the 3 hours and our plans for church include someone to stay with them in each hour aswell. Well beyond that weve been working hard in the sun, and discovering new parts of our area, where weve been able to find new investigators and less active members. One specific place is called Cachiche, which is VERY different from the rest of our area; its not very developed, and there are no roads and the houses are all made out of adobe. But the people weve been able to teach and contact have been very receptive so were excited to see this part of our area start to progress. Well beyond that this week my companion and I could see our teaching together improve, as we practiced more on what we had observed needed improvement in the lesson. This week the spirit was strong in our lessons, and I know the Lord is beside us at every moments. 


well today were off traveling to Lima for another training. Im gonna be honest, I am now a regular in Soyuz, the bus company, and all the people on the buses know me (the drivers, the ladies who sell snacks haha).
But yes that was our week!
Hna Mostert

Thursday, November 17, 2016

LATE GREETINGS FROM.................

First of all SORRY MOM for writing so late in the week. Transfers were monday so our pday was tuesday, but the missionary portal was done tuesday, and we had a training in lima on wednesday, so that is why im not writing until today, thursday.


But guess where I am, this final transfer.....ICA!!! Yes thats right folks, going on a solid 6 months in Ica, and yes I am beyond excited.


This week Martin, the brother of a less active sister (well now newly rescued) Lourdes, was baptized! Really just another great miracle. At the begining of this transfer to be honest I wasnt sure if we were going to keep visiting Martin. We had been visiting him the past 2 transfers and his progress was very slow. He was reading his book of mormon on and off, and coming to church now and then. So when my new companion arrived and our lesson with him came, I told her that during the lesson wed figure out if wed keep visiting him or not. We had gone decinding to teach the word of wisdom, we felt the prompting to do so. This lesson the spirit was so strong, as for the first time he was able to open up to us and share that he had an ongoing addiction to cigarettes. And thats when everything changed, when we were able to apply the gospel to help him over come his addiction, thats when miracles occured. He started reading (and rereading) every chapter we left him in detail, he started arriving early each sunday for church, all in his ethusiastic prepartion for his baptism the 12th. In the end his testimony flourished, and his addiction was overcome; after more than 30 years of smoking packs each day, Martin has now been tabacco free for 3 plus weeks. This saturday he was able to share his testimony and his baptismal service was truly a spiritual experience.
This week kept working with the members with a focus on what we realized we needed to improve last week, refferals. We were able to ask for reffereals in every lesson and in every moment and were able to recieve and contact many. Many of last weeks and this weeks finding efforts and successes are thanks to member and investigators refferals.  So this week and every week well continue doing the same!

well take care everyone, love you all!
hna mostert

Saturday, November 12, 2016



Let me say that really this week has been wonderful. It has just strengthened my testimony that the gospel blesses families. This Saturday we were able to witness the Chavez Family, who my previous companion and I found by contacting the mother in the street, enter into the waters of baptism together. I cannot begin to express my love for this family, for each one of them; Julio, Monica, Valerie and Antonella. Each one of them was able to share their testimony at their baptism, and their words and the spirit felt, testified that they were truly converted unto Christ. It really is amazing looking back, and now seeing them as members of the one true church. I still remember the first day Hna Lawrence and I taught them; they were very receptive and curious. I also remember how Hno Julio kept repeating how he knew all the things we were teaching were good, but that he had been catholic for the past 64 years of his life and that for him personally it would be hard to change. Fast forward two months, he is now baptized, confirmed and even gave the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting yesterday!!! This is the true church, only that is how the spirit has been able to soften this familys hearts and led them to conversion. Really, and what makes us even happier is that they are already signed up to got with the ward caravan to the temple this 3rd of December. The end in mind! That is what the gospel truly is for, eternal families. 


This week besides the excitement of the Chavez family{s baptism, our other progressing investigator Martin, took some very big steps in the gospel. For the last 35 years of his life, he has been smoking many, many cigarettes per day. These last couple weeks weve been helping him all we can, and so has the ward. Hes received a priesthood blessing, and much of the ward and him were able to fast for him. Hes been reducing the number of cigarrettes these past couple of weeks, but this week the miracle occured. On wednesday when we went to visit him, he told us that on monday he woke up and just didnt feel the desire to smoke at all. He said he had even bought candies to eat when he had the erge to smoke, and then proceeded to take a handful of them out of his pocket. He didnt even feel the desire! After 35 yeard of smoking, this whole week he hasnt smoked a single cigarette. The gospel, and really faith does that. He was also able to pass his baptismal interview this week and will be baptized this saturday. 

The work in our area is going good. Although we have been finding alot of new investigators and inviting them to be baptized during our first visits, we have realized that many of our investigors arent progressing and arent accepting baptismal dates. But do not fear, my companion and I have put goals for this week to work on that to continue to find those chosen people who can progress toward baptism. 

Well transfers are this week, and anything could happen. I really hope Ill stay but its all up to where the Lord wants me!
love you all.
Hna Mostert

Saturday, November 5, 2016


HAPPY HALLOWEEN Familia and friends!



This was a good week, well every week in the mission is a great week! We faced many challenges this week with many of our lessons falling through, but were able to see miracles thorugh working with members. Really I have a great love for all the members here in the our ward, they are always willing to accompany us and are worried for our investigators. We were also able to recieve many refferals this week from members, and contact them too. Not to mention I think one of my favorite things was the wards incitative to visit during the week, our family of investigators that are going to be baptized on saturday, Familia Chavez. They really have made  familia chavez feel like a part of the ward family, and its really helped their progress in the gospel, and i know it will help them when they become recent converts or new members in the church soon. We were also very happy this week that all 4 of the chavez family passed their baptismal interviews this week and are beyond excited for their baptism this week. We love this family so much! Personally I am grateful to my heavenly father for the blessing he has given me to be a witness to their conversion. Really, the gospel is what changes individuals and brings families closer together then ever before. I cannot begin to express all the changes Ive been able to witness in them from the moment the gospel entered their home and from the moment they allowed the spirit to enter their lives. The Lord is great and this is His one true gospel, no other doctrine can change behavior or lives the way It does.


Well wish us luck this week, and keep Familia CHavez in your prayers, because satan is sure to get at them this week leading up to  their baptism.
love you all!
HNa mostert


Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Dear family and amigos!

                                                                                  ZONA ICA EN LA HUACACHINA

From the begining of my mission, one of my first district leaders said that we work during the week to see the fruits of our labor on sunday at church. I really do testify of that, and this week my companion and I worked hard, having daily contact with our investigators, to make sure they all had solid plans for church. It really was a blessing and a miracle to see all our investigators who have baptismal dates sitting there EARLY in sacrament meeting. It truly showed that they understood the sacrament and the covenant they are close to making thorugh baptism.

In particular we were able to see this week the continue progress of Familia Chavez, our family of 4 that are getting baptized on the 5th of November. Really, they are such a tender mercy of the Lord, the ask the best questions and accept the principles and commandments we have been teaching them, so easily. This week Hno Julio, the father, summed up why they were now so willing to accept to live the commandments of Tithing, Word of Wisdom , and Chastity; "We have to live it, its part of our covenant." Really, hes going to end up being a bishop, and the oldest daughter of 19 Valerie told us this week that she is set on serving a mission too! We really love this family so much, and so does the ward.

This week more miracles came as we continued talking with everyone, and contacting everyone in the oportune moments. We were able to find 7 new investigators , 6 from street contacts. What a blessing indeed. 
I testify this is the Lords work because if it wasnt there would be no way all these miracles could come to pass.

On a funny side note, October in Peru is the "purple month" where there the streets are decorated in purple to celebrate the saints. Needless to say my companion and I (and the whole ward) was surprised when yesterday a whole street fair was being set up Right outside the chapel, to celebrate the saints. And you guessed it the big event was going to being right at the same time as our sacrament meeting. But not even the canons they were shooting off, and the loud rendition of the Lords prayer to the tune of that one Simon and Garfunkle song, take away the spirit from our sacrament meeting. Yes satan is good, but the spirit works stronger. muhahaha

Anyways thanks for all your love and support.
hna mostert

Saturday, October 22, 2016




Buenas tardes amigos and family!!

May I say the Lord really just puts us in the right place at the right time. This week we were able to witness countless miracles, of finding new investigators by following the promptings of the spirit and going to a door, even though we didnt know why. In particular I testify that sometimes we have difficulties finding because we lack faith. BY thursday this week we hadnt found any new investigators and we were getting a little worried. SO when we went out thursday, we left in a spirit of prayer with the determination to find new investigators. It was a tough day and many of our plans fell through, but we continued, we didnt have any plans left but a family history lesson at 8pm, but we knew we would find some one that the Lord was preparing for us. We felt we should go see if Julia, a lady we had contacted in the street a few weeks ago but ran into this past week, was home. Julia wasnt home but her daughter Reina, and Reina´s daughter flavia was. It was a miracle to find them, the Lord had prepared them and they sat there eagerly as we shared with them about the Book of Mormon. They were eager to read and find out more and they even accepted the invitation to be baptized this following month. We were able to find various other investigators by visiting many of the new names of less actives that the bishop has given us, he really has the keys for the ward! 
It was also a great week because our family of investigators, Familia Chavez are progressing alot. They came to stake conference sunday and the mother and father and oldest daughter went ot the adult session saturday. All the lessons we have with them are so full of the spirit. My favorite moment this week, was when we asked the mom, monica if she had prayed again to know if the book of mormon was true. SHe looked at us with tears in her eyes and told us she had and that she knew without a doubt that it was true. From there the 2 daughters and the dad also shared how they knew it was true. From there hno julio, the father said about their baptism, when we get baptized we must get baptized as a family. Really the gospel blesses and changes families. 
well that was this week!
hna mostert

Saturday, October 15, 2016



What a week! It just flew by that is for sure. But it was never the less a great week. We were finally able to rescue Luis and Sara, and now they have goals with the bishop to be sealed at the begining of December!! Eternal Families in the making, thats what the gospel is all about. This week we were also able to see many tender mercies and miracles from contacting in the street and talking with everyone. In particular this week, on the way back to the chapel from a lesson far away, we contacted the Mototaxi driver, Freddy, he dropped us off and said the trip was free with the condition that wed come visit his family. And we did on Sunday, him, his wife Carmen, and their two kids, Nicole 10 and Milan 3, were all waiting eager to listen to us. It was truly a miracle and I know the Lord blessed us to find a new family, because of our obedience to the call to open our mouths and share the gospel with all. My companion is also the best, and she followed the spirit and invited the whole family to be baptized! She is fearless and I love her so much and learn so much from her each day. This week we were able to see more enthusiasm from the ELders in our zone in the area of Family History. All but one area in our zone had a lesson scheduled for their recent converts or rescues to come to a lesson. Were glad to see that Family History is once again becoming a priority and something very important, as it should always be. Even though all of our 6 family history lessons fell through we were still happy that the Elders at least are trying their hardest to bring to family history.. Well that was basicalyly the week. It went by fast and may i add that the SUN is unforgiving. Si mama me estoy poniendo bloqueador, pero todavia me estoy poniendo morenita. Well yes people say its spring, but I feel like its summer in the middle of the desert.because Ica is the middle of the desert. Well hope all is well, and sorry for no pictures, ny camera had a virus. But were headed to the huacachina today so stay tune for good pictures next week.
I love being a missionary!
Hna Mostert

Thursday, October 6, 2016


cambios are in... and IM Still in ICA!!
woo im also training a new missionary! Shes Hna Balderrama from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. SHe is so sweet and really organized. Oh I love her so much. Though it was a little sad to say goodbye to Hna Lawrence. Though shes in Bolognesi now, my old area and Ill see her when we travel to Lima.

This week was a little difficult in San Isidro, in that we found our time limited to work in our area in due to having to travel to Lima the first couple of days of the week, and then Weekend General Conference. But we put our planning skills to the test, making sure we had set lessons every available hour. However its never up to us really who the Lord will have us teach, and though we made sure to confirm our appointments before going, the majority of our lessons fell through. But dont fear, we had alot of great street contacts due to our time walking to back up plans. In fact we were able to find Paola and her son Ronny, this week through a street contact and they accepted baptismal dates for the 5th of November and both came to conference sunday morning. Now the next step is tommorow well find the rest of their family, as Paola also has her husband (like theyre actually legally married) and 5 other adult and teenage children who live with her. Anyways our investigator Julio, of the family weve been teaching Familia CHavez, also got picked up by the 1st counselor of the stake presidency, whose his neighbor, and went to Priesthood Session of General Conference, which he loved. So there was alot of opposition this week, but as always the tender mercies and powerful spiritual moments outweighed it all.

Well conference was amazing!! Let us all go over all the talks and bask in spiritual revelation. Keep me in your prayers and send me pictures!

Hna Mostert




Buenos dias familia and friends.

Another great week, not without its challenges, but needless to say a great week. To be honest, up to this point it was hard to see much of the progression in our area, but I think this week we were really able to begin to see the fruits. Really we have been blessed to find and teach so many amazing people these last couple of weeks. This sunday put it all together when the 2 families (familia orrego and familia Fernandez) who well be rescuing completly this week and the next, came to church all together. Then also that Familia Chavez, our family of investigators with baptismal dates for Oct 22nd, came for the 3rd week in a row! More thn just coming to church what makes us even happier is that they always come prepared to interact, and learn. This week they even came with another one of their daughters who was visting from Lima! Also martin, whose going to  baptized on the 22nd came with his less active sister. In our gospel priniciples class he was asked to stand up and present himself. He shared his name and then added "im not a member yet, but soon I will be". It made us so happy, weve really seen the progress in him. One of the investigators we found this week shirley, whose the grandaughter of a really active sisters in our ward, also came to church for the first time! Also Jenny, who we lost like 2 weeks ago that was supposed to get baptized this week, we were able to find saturday when she showed up for womens conference. We had been so worried! but she also came to church sunday and is commited to work towards a new baptismal date. We really love her, and we know she is someone really special, even though she has tested our patience a bit. Well thats was most of the week. Really just full of miracles and alot of support from the members. And the hard work continues onward in ICA!

This week we also lent sevice organizing and cleaning display cases in a HUGE arts and crafts store in the downtown area. It was so enjoyable, and I know mom would have gone nuts in this place. Hobby Lobby has nothing on this peruvian craft supply store.

We also had the blessing of attending womens general conference on saturday. Even though it was dubbed in spanish, it was great. I love Pre Utchdorfs talk the most. This week is CONFERENCE, and im more excited than a 5 year old is for Christmas.

LOVE YOU ALL. Send me pictures!
hna mostert


Tuesday, September 20, 2016



Dear Familia and Friends.

WOW. the word to describe this week. Really so many miracles, where to begin.

This week we were able to find various new investigators (Antonella, the other daughter of our progressing family; Orlando a state public speaker who gave a workshopp at our chapel a few weeks ago; Gabby, whose father recently passed away; Sonia and Richard; who are working on getting married; and Maritza and Renata, mother and daughter who live right by the chapel). Let me share our most interesting finding experience this week. Wednesday we street contacted a lady called Gabby outside her house and put an appointment for friday, but when we went friday she couldnt attend us becuase her father had just died. So saturday we came back and found her in black still morning, but she said we could come in and visit her family. So we went in expecting her and maybe her children together, but was her sisters, aunts cousins..all of like 15 people! But the spirit was strong and they were very resceptive as we shared on how the atonement, the restored gospel and the book of Mormon could help them now in their morning. We were able to take a lot of referrrals for all over ica for elders to visit family members.

Another incredible moment this week, was that our less active family with been teaching, luis and sara, are progressing a ton and the ward is helping them so much. Mostly the highlight of our week was that Luis was able to baptize his son. Really the love and the spirit were so strong. The gospel is incredible and really blesses families. I know the lord is forgiving and he is always willing to give us a second chance if we humble ourselves and repent. Now its just helping them stay active and getting them to the temple!!i

Really I love the mission so much!
Hna mostert


Thursday, September 15, 2016


Woo twas another great week here in Ica Peru.

Despues de lijar paredes en San Juaquin!!!

Well the second half of the week in Ica, because the first half I was in Lima in a training. And my companion stayed in Pisco. So yes I had a very interesting experience traveling 4 hours without a companion with just the elders. It was strange...

BUt yeah once we got back to our area we hit the ground running. Without lots of opposition, yet we were able to stay positive even though we didnt have many lessons this week. But we were able to finally find our investigator Jenny, who was suposed to get baptized last week but fell off the face of the earth 2 weeks ago. 
But shes doing well just with family problems, but nows she working to get baptized the 23rd. 

Funny story we contacted this lady outside a store on saturday and she told us in English that she didnt speak Spanish. So we started contacting her in English. To which she replied in English that she really only spoke Chinese and just a tiny bit of English. Im sorry Mom my mind went black on my Chinese. So I just mentioned about Shanghai, and pulled out a couple of words in Chinese and gave her a pas along card. 

But yeah this week was good, we found a new family of 5! Theyre awesom and 4 of them came to church this Sunday .The parents are married too, which is a miracle here in Peru. Theyre awesome.

well thats it. Keep on keeping on and dont forget to read your books of mormon this week.

Con la hermana Jasmin que acaba de llegar de su mision.!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016




Hola familia and friends.

This card is going to be short but i think the included story is the most important thing i need to share right now.

This week my testimony of the power of forgiveness was strengthened. We have been visiting this less active family of Luis and Sara, hes a returned missionary and shes been a member for the majority of her life. Theyre both in their early 30s and have 2 kids. Because of realtionships with memembers and jobs they have been inactive for many months now.  A few weeks ago the bishop begged us to do all we could to find them, he said that the ward needed Luis. For a few weeks we werent able to find them because he was always busy in work. But the bishop had told us to keep on looking and last sunday we were able to find them. We were able to teachs them and what really fuiled their hope of returning to church was their son who would turn 8 in a few weeks. Hno Luis said that he knew he had many excuses for not coming to church but that there would be no excuse for not baptizing his son. So they were they on sunday, sitting all the smiling family together. Happier then we had ever seen them. At night we were able to talk with them about their experience. ANd they shared that when they had arrived to the chapel the bishop had grabed them and hugged them. They had all cried together for a few moments. The bishop knew he would return, and in the following moments he returned his rights back to luis and told him that it would be hard work but that he would be able to baptized his son. As they told us that story there was a glow from both of their faces. He said the bishop told me I could do it and the bishop is going to let me, but what rang in my head was that it was actually the lord gin¿ving him this opportunity. The Lord is forgiving and is always there to welcome his long lost flock back into his fold. 

This is the lords work. The spirit testifies that to me every moment. I love this work, this church and the LOrd.

Hna mostert

Saturday, September 3, 2016



HALLO Familia e friends.

I shall start my letter today with a tiny miracle we saw from street contacting. I mean every street contact is a miracle to me, because who wouldve thought that so many people would let 2 random mormon missionaries come up and talk to them on the street all of a sudden and then give them their address and phone number. Well this week we street contacted a lady named Primitiva. She was very nice, though was very straight forward at sharing that she she super catholic (catolica apostolica) and that she didnt want us to teach her. But it turned out that the missionary had lived at her house years ago. And like 13 years ago they church delivered a box to her house, but the missionaries had already moved so she kept it. She tooks us to her house and gave it to us and inside of this spider crawling, dust covered box where 40 intact  books of mormon in perfect condition!! What a crazy now we have a lot of books of mormon, or mormon bibles as little Primitiva called them. 

This was a good weak as our investigator Jenny, whose getting baptized on the 9th has been progressing alot. But also difficult on the side that we struggled to find investigators, but we were able to see miracles thorugh planining and perserviring. THwe lord is so merciful and blesses us daily.

hermana Mostert

Tuesday, August 23, 2016




saludos from... SAN ISIDRO ICA!! yes the gringa duo continues their legacy!

The sun is bright in Ica and the work continues to march forward. This was a good week. We proved satan that he could attack from every angle but we were there to fight back with dilligence and planning. Our investigators with baptismal dates all had family problems this week and we had many of our origanly scheduled lessons with them fall through. BUt we were still able to find them! Wooooooo even though it did mean having them as backup plans and stopping by their house and calling them in any free minute. But two of our investigatores with baptismal dates, jenny and gino were in the end able to make it to the chapel! wooo.  This week we were also able to find two families! Well able to complete 2 families thorugh find 2 non member husbands of less active sisters. Theres the moment I do l,ove alot in the mission, when a father prays with his wife and children all around him for the first time. The spirit is always so strong and testifies to me that really the gospel blesses FAMILIES. Families are forever, Ive never know is with so much surety. The gospel is incredible and really what a blessing it is to see it change lives everyday. I know that this is the work of the Lord and that we are only called as miniscule instruments to labor, He is the one that performs the miracles and causes conversion. He is my savior, and I love Him for all the tender mercies he allowed me to be a witness of.

LOve you all and remember to send me pictures! 
Hna mostert


Saturday, August 20, 2016



In our area  this week we were able to see great miracles as many members were willing to accompany us and give us refferals of their friends. In particular theres one lesson that stands out. On Tuesday we went to visit our investigator whose getting baptized in a few weeks, Jenny, and a couple from our ward, Jorge and Marlene accompanied us. They really made her feel so welcomed, and it was like instantly they were best frineds and had know each other for a long time. They were also able to realte to her well, sharing their similar experiences as converts and doubts. It really made teaching the plan of salvation less of a lesson, and more of just a connection of doctrine to her needs. Really there is a great difference when the members and us missionaries work together and teach together. The spirit testifies and really lasting friendships and bonds are formed between members and investigators. My favorite part at the end of the lesson was that the brother ended up gifting his hymn book to hermana jenny, it really was a touching moment and a remarkable lesson. 

This week are transfer. Hna Lawrence and I are pretty sure well stay together but well see. Theres alot of work to keep up in San Isidro!

Hna Mostert