Tuesday, September 20, 2016



Dear Familia and Friends.

WOW. the word to describe this week. Really so many miracles, where to begin.

This week we were able to find various new investigators (Antonella, the other daughter of our progressing family; Orlando a state public speaker who gave a workshopp at our chapel a few weeks ago; Gabby, whose father recently passed away; Sonia and Richard; who are working on getting married; and Maritza and Renata, mother and daughter who live right by the chapel). Let me share our most interesting finding experience this week. Wednesday we street contacted a lady called Gabby outside her house and put an appointment for friday, but when we went friday she couldnt attend us becuase her father had just died. So saturday we came back and found her in black still morning, but she said we could come in and visit her family. So we went in expecting her and maybe her children together, but no...it was her sisters, aunts cousins..all of like 15 people! But the spirit was strong and they were very resceptive as we shared on how the atonement, the restored gospel and the book of Mormon could help them now in their morning. We were able to take a lot of referrrals for all over ica for elders to visit family members.

Another incredible moment this week, was that our less active family with been teaching, luis and sara, are progressing a ton and the ward is helping them so much. Mostly the highlight of our week was that Luis was able to baptize his son. Really the love and the spirit were so strong. The gospel is incredible and really blesses families. I know the lord is forgiving and he is always willing to give us a second chance if we humble ourselves and repent. Now its just helping them stay active and getting them to the temple!!i

Really I love the mission so much!
Hna mostert


Thursday, September 15, 2016


Woo twas another great week here in Ica Peru.

Despues de lijar paredes en San Juaquin!!!

Well the second half of the week in Ica, because the first half I was in Lima in a training. And my companion stayed in Pisco. So yes I had a very interesting experience traveling 4 hours without a companion with just the elders. It was strange...

BUt yeah once we got back to our area we hit the ground running. Without lots of opposition, yet we were able to stay positive even though we didnt have many lessons this week. But we were able to finally find our investigator Jenny, who was suposed to get baptized last week but fell off the face of the earth 2 weeks ago. 
But shes doing well just with family problems, but nows she working to get baptized the 23rd. 

Funny story we contacted this lady outside a store on saturday and she told us in English that she didnt speak Spanish. So we started contacting her in English. To which she replied in English that she really only spoke Chinese and just a tiny bit of English. Im sorry Mom my mind went black on my Chinese. So I just mentioned about Shanghai, and pulled out a couple of words in Chinese and gave her a pas along card. 

But yeah this week was good, we found a new family of 5! Theyre awesom and 4 of them came to church this Sunday .The parents are married too, which is a miracle here in Peru. Theyre awesome.

well thats it. Keep on keeping on and dont forget to read your books of mormon this week.

Con la hermana Jasmin que acaba de llegar de su mision.!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016




Hola familia and friends.

This card is going to be short but i think the included story is the most important thing i need to share right now.

This week my testimony of the power of forgiveness was strengthened. We have been visiting this less active family of Luis and Sara, hes a returned missionary and shes been a member for the majority of her life. Theyre both in their early 30s and have 2 kids. Because of realtionships with memembers and jobs they have been inactive for many months now.  A few weeks ago the bishop begged us to do all we could to find them, he said that the ward needed Luis. For a few weeks we werent able to find them because he was always busy in work. But the bishop had told us to keep on looking and last sunday we were able to find them. We were able to teachs them and what really fuiled their hope of returning to church was their son who would turn 8 in a few weeks. Hno Luis said that he knew he had many excuses for not coming to church but that there would be no excuse for not baptizing his son. So they were they on sunday, sitting all the smiling family together. Happier then we had ever seen them. At night we were able to talk with them about their experience. ANd they shared that when they had arrived to the chapel the bishop had grabed them and hugged them. They had all cried together for a few moments. The bishop knew he would return, and in the following moments he returned his rights back to luis and told him that it would be hard work but that he would be able to baptized his son. As they told us that story there was a glow from both of their faces. He said the bishop told me I could do it and the bishop is going to let me, but what rang in my head was that it was actually the lord gin¿ving him this opportunity. The Lord is forgiving and is always there to welcome his long lost flock back into his fold. 

This is the lords work. The spirit testifies that to me every moment. I love this work, this church and the LOrd.

Hna mostert

Saturday, September 3, 2016



HALLO Familia e friends.

I shall start my letter today with a tiny miracle we saw from street contacting. I mean every street contact is a miracle to me, because who wouldve thought that so many people would let 2 random mormon missionaries come up and talk to them on the street all of a sudden and then give them their address and phone number. Well this week we street contacted a lady named Primitiva. She was very nice, though was very straight forward at sharing that she she super catholic (catolica apostolica) and that she didnt want us to teach her. But it turned out that the missionary had lived at her house years ago. And like 13 years ago they church delivered a box to her house, but the missionaries had already moved so she kept it. She tooks us to her house and gave it to us and inside of this spider crawling, dust covered box where 40 intact  books of mormon in perfect condition!! What a crazy world.....so now we have a lot of books of mormon, or mormon bibles as little Primitiva called them. 

This was a good weak as our investigator Jenny, whose getting baptized on the 9th has been progressing alot. But also difficult on the side that we struggled to find investigators, but we were able to see miracles thorugh planining and perserviring. THwe lord is so merciful and blesses us daily.

hermana Mostert