Monday, December 21, 2015


Merry Christmas Familia and Friends.


I will keep this brief, since this week Ill get to talk to my cute little family by skype wooo. Anyways these last weeks have been crazy because everyone including the missionaries! We have been able to see many Christmas miracles as well. This week were able to witness our investigators Felicita and Wilmur progress and see their desires to follow the example of christ and be baptized grow aswell. Its crazy how well God prepared people to recieve the gospel.

Anyways Merry Christmas to all! Christ lives! Her is the reason for our lives and for this season. May we all sing praises to him this season and the rest of the year.

Lots of Love,
Hermana Mostert


Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Dear Familia and Friends!
Saludos from Bolognesi!

This week was great. There were many trials and tests with our investigators but we were able to witness many miracles as well. We were able to help two of our families put marriage dates aswell as baptismal dates!! they are both amazing. We were also able to find Felicita, who is the mother of a recent convert, whose late husband was very active in the church aswell. She has been exposed to alot of the church before, but the lord has prepared her for this moment to prepare to join the church. She is honestly such a blessing and strong women.




This week I was also able to give a talk in sacrament meeting. WOOOO hahah I still get abit nervous i must admit. Anyways I talked about how to incorporate missionary work in our lives this holiday season. It was a great opportuinty for me to reflect aswell on how I can decalre the birth of christ with more love this season. But what i learned the most was that the emphasis we place on Christ this season, shouldnt just last till the 25th but the whole year!


I know that Christ was not only born but he lives this day and blesses the lives of all.
Lots of Love,

Hermana Mostert


Wednesday, December 9, 2015




Greetings from the amazing land of Barrio Bolognesi. Supposedly it is summertime but the nights are still chilly. But there was sun on thursday for the first time in like 3 weeks so that was a pleasently hot surprise.

Anyways this week was great, we went out and worked hard. Training isnt like anything I would have imagined. Mostly because I dont feel like Iam traing, Hna Linares came pretrained, with eagerness to learn and work hard, with one of the strongest testimonies I have ever seen. She is so amazing and I learn so much from her every day we are together. This week we had the opportunities to see miracles as we were able to find Nancy, and Wilbur. Wilbur is the referral from an active family whom accompanied us in the lesson with him. He is so prepared to recieve this gospel. Ive never met anyone who understood the great apostacy so well. He was very eager to read the book of mormon aswell. Not to mention he accepted a baptismal date for the 2nd of January, and came to church this sunday and went to the christmas devotional aswell. God prepared people for the gospel I can testify of that. 

This week we were also able to finally meet the pareja of our investigator miguel. Shes a less active member and hes been attending in cañete for a year now. We had a married couple from our ward accompany us in a lesson with them yesterday, and bear the strongest testimony of the importance of marriage and their experience and difficulties in getting married to be able to live this commandment. The spirit was so strong in the lesson and Miguel and Lydia then told us that they had all their papers, everything and wanted to get married as soon as possible. But the thing that impacted me the most was that Lydia told us that for her that wedding wasnt so important, that it could even be just them and their witnesses, what she wanted the most was to get to the temple one day. The temple is the house of God, I can testify that and it should be the endpoint of all we do in this life.

Anyways I love this Christmas season because everything testifies of chirsts birth. My invitation to everyone for this season is to take a depth breath, relax during the crazy rush to buy presents, and focus on family and the reason for the season, Our redeemer Jesus Christ.

Lots of Love
Hermana Mostert



Wednesday, December 2, 2015

BOLOGNESI WEEK#6.................CAPACITANDO!!!!!!

Buenos dias familia and friends.
Greetings from San Juan de Miraflores, Lima! Nope I didnt get transfered to a new area, Im just staying with the sisters here until my companion arrives tuesday. So thats the big news, my new companion arrives from the Peru MTC because Im training!! Its crazy because I feel like only yesterday I was just arriving in the mission. Im abit nervous to train but I know God has trusted in me because he knows I can do it and that I have alot to learn from the experience.
Anyways the sad news was that Hna Martos left. Shes in Nazca now, which shes super excited about because everyone says its very nice. Shes not so excited about the heat there as shes arriving in the middle of the burning south summertime. SO i am just so very thankful for the opportunity I had to serve with her this last month and a half. She is such an amazing, patient and loving person, and Ive learned so much from her.
So this week was great even though alot of our appointments fell thorugh and we walked alot. Nevertheless we were able to see miracles as our invesatigators with baptismal dates were able to progress and weve been able to witness how their testimonies have grown.
This thursday was very special because in the morning we were able to go to the temple as a zone. I AM SOOOOO THANKFUL FOR THE TEMPLE: It is honestly the closest place to heaven on Earth and a testament that the church is true. In the afternoon, the zone leaders put together a thanksgiving feast for all of us of turkey, potatoes, beans, causa, arroz con leche, pizza and APPLE PIE! It was so good. Then while we ate we all went around the table and shared our testimonies and what we were thankful for. It was so wonderful.
Anyways, sorry for no pictures this week I left my camera in my area. But next week I have alot to send.
Hermana Mostert

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

WEEK #5 IN LIMA!!!!!!

Hola Familia and Friends!


This was a great week. We were able to see many of our investigators take the initiative and progress. Karen, Who has a baptismal date for the 5th of December has been reading the book of mormon regularly, praying ,and has now attended church twice. Its amazing to see how much her faith has strengthened since weve meet her, and I know she will only grow firmer and firmer in Christ. She was beyond happy to know that we have a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and she said theres nothing more shed want then to be able to meet him. Shes amazing, shes had a really difficult life, but she knows that God has a great purpose for her here on the earth. This week we were also able to help Juan and Joselyn get closer and closer to their marriage goals. They are an amazing family, and it was a truly miracle this sunday when their family, who are members, didnt show up because they were sick, but Juan and Joselyn did. I cant wait to see them one day dressed in white, being sealed in Gods temple.

This saturday, I had a new adventure to tackle. ROOM INSPECTIONS. haha So the day was spent traveling from one hermanas room to another, and checking every light, appliance, wall, floor, and emergency backpack. Quite an experience, but a constant reminder that cambios are this saturday, and its very probable that Hermana Martos leaves bc shes been in the area for 4 and a half months.

Anyways happy thanksgiving to all! I am very thankful for the opportunity I have this thursday to spend it in my favorite  place.. THE TEMPLE!! Anyways, I am thankful for my amazing family and all the support theyve given me thoughout the years. I am thankful for every trial and every hardship, God has given me because I know they have made me stronger in all things. I am thankful for the restoration for this glorious gospel in our days. I am thankful for the great sacrifice of my loving redeemer Christ, and I am thankful for my calling as a missionary and servant of the Lord. 
Thank You all.
Much Love,
Hermana Mostert.

Ps hna Murillo sent me pan chapla from ayacucho so thats this weeks picture

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Hola Familia and Friends,
May I begin by saying that is it through the trials and adversities that we come to know how strong we truly are. But it is also through those trials that we realize that the strength we find in difficult times, isnt our own, but comes from the Lord.

 This week my companion and I , aswell as many our investigators faced many trials. Our investigator Delia, who was to be baptize this past saturday recieved unpresidented opposition from her catholic father, who lives about 10 hours away. Satan attacked her from every angle this week and we did our best to help her strengthen her testimony and continue on the path to baptism. Many doubts came last minute and we decided alongside her that it was better for her to be more certain.

 This week we had the great opportunity as well to have the "Plan Rescate" activity with the CCM in our ward. The brand new missionaries came in a huge charter bus to our chapel, where they were pared with one missionary from our zone and a member and then were given a list of inactive members to visit. It was great to see the members eager to help out to visit the less active brothers and sisters in our ward. It was also inspiring to see the enthusiasm of these young missionaries, and it really sparked some energy that was begining to lessen in me. I was paired with the relief society president and her son leaves for his mission this tuesday, so I was able to comfort her somewhat, she reminded me alot of mom. Missionary moms are the strongest women, TE AMO MAMA!

Anyways, all else is going fine in Bolognesi. We are Working hard and slowing seeing the fruits of our labors. The Lord continues to bless us and I am infintly grateful.

Lots of Love.
Hermana Mostert

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bolognesi wk 3; Peruvian kids go crazy on American Candy


Buenos dias Amigos and familia!!!

Greetings from Chorrillos, Lima! This week was an incredible week here in Bolognesi. Through many referrals from members we were able to find 6 new investigators: Andrea, Freddy, Amelia, Lucia, Hermina and Juan. But the biggest miracle was that we found Juan, the pareja (not married couple) of a daughter of a rescued sister. Together they told us that they wanted to get married as soon as possible in the simpliest way. Their disposition to follow the Lords commandments is astonishing. Juan and Joselyn just moved into our area and already have strong testimonies because they were previously recieving lessons from the Elders in San Gabriel. They have 2 cute, yet crazy kids and they are the funniest couple ever. Its crazy how we can laugh so hard with them and then feel the spirit so strongly as well.

This week we were also able to see our Investigator, Delia progress and grow stronger and stronger in her testimony, as she approaches her baptism this saturday. We taught her the 10 commandments and about tithing. She is so amazing, she told us that she wants to pay her tithing, not just to recieve the blessings but beacuse she knows its what the Lord recquires. We were also able to see the love and support of the members, as after church the Young Single Adults got together and filmed a video bearing their testimonies and expressing their love for her baptism.
This tuesday we also had our Mission Leadership meeting. Where all the Sister Leaders and Zone Leaders got together and discussed different topics of the mission and how we can help the mission improve to achieve our missionary objective. It was great and I learned so much! I also got to see Hna Ramirez and Hna Murillo! Then Sister McGinn (Presidents wife) and Sister Lunt (part of the married companionship that works in the office) made us sloppy joes and dirt a worms for desert (pudding, oreos and GUMMY WORMS). It was a great day.


This week, I also realized something very important..that American candy has a substancial amount of sugar that drives peruvian kids crazy. I gave a big bag of candy to the grandkids of one of the sisters who accompanies us and they went nuts!! haha They also arent used to sour candy, so they were all yelling ACIDO ACIDO and making faces haha but they loved it.
Anyways, this week we were truly blessed by the guidance and protection of the spirit in every moment. I know this church is true, that we are all children of our loving Heavenly Father and that Christ Lives.
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Mostert


Monday, November 2, 2015




Hola Familia and Friends!
This was another great week of walking, learning the area and finding new people to teach. We were also able to meet with active families this week and share with them the first vision to fuel their


missionary work fire! The families here are amazing. We were also thanks to the spirit working through us, able to put 3 baptismal dates with Delia, KAren and Kenjoy. They are all cvhosen children to reiceve this gospel. We also had the opportunity to have stake conference where the topic of Keeping the Sabbath day holy was emphaized, VERY strongly. I tesify that this commandment is one that keeps families i harmony and brings numerous blessings. I invite all to study the doctrine and keep the commandment.
Lots of Love,
Hermana Mostert.
P.s. perdon mama por no escribir mucho, la siguente semana le voy a escribir muchisimo mas!! :)


Thursday, October 29, 2015


Hermana MOSTERT y el mar!!

feliz con su burrito como en San Diego!!!

Hola Familia and friends!

This was a great week of getting to know a new area. THe great thing is I have Hna Martos, who is so patient with me, when I have no idea where we are. But I am also surprised how quickly Ive memorized where our investigators and some of the members live. I know the Lord has helped me this week in every moment.


Anyways this week we went out and gave our all talking with everyone, asking for referrals in every moment and contacting referals recieved. We were able to see many miracles as at the begging of the week we only had about 2 investigators to teach, and we found 4 new amazing people who are veryinterested in the gospel. Weeve decided to focus many of our efforts on finding through visiting active members and talking with everyone we come in contact with. I know this is a tough area, but I know the Lord will prepare a way for us if we work dilligently.

This was a very special sunday too, as there was an broadcasted area conference for only Peru and Bolivia. It was great to hear from the Area Seventies, Primary President, and Elder Anderson. They all stressed the importance of Tithing, keeping the sabbath day holy and going to the temple.

Anyways, everything else is going well.  I love being a missionary and I know the Lord has put me in this area because I have alot to learn. I know without a doubt that Christ lives and this is his one and true church, once again restored on the face of the earth-
Mucho love,
Hermana Mostert


Wednesday, October 21, 2015





Hola Familia and Friends!
Greettings from BOLOGNESI, CHORRILLOS! Yup, this week the big news that came this saturday night was that I got a transfer to Lima to be the Sister Leader Trainer for the Chorrillos Zone. My new companion is Hermana Martos from Trujillo, Peru! She is amazing! She has just around 3 months in the mission so were both newbies together! Our area is pretty big and spands from the border with the Lima East mission in Surco (fun fact our apartment and our chapel are actually in the East mission), to the beach front area of Baranco, which is a touristy place full of foreigners (or as Hna Martos says the home of my fellow gringos). Its a very unioque area as we share it with the secretaries (although they only proslyete after 5pm) and on thursdays we work in the office inputting mission referrals. Its a big culture shock coming from Ayacucho, where wed get chased by sheep and chickens weekly. But Im excited to see get to know the area. My companion told me that the people here are very reluctant to listen, and that well have to have alot of patience, as there hasnt been a baptism in the area since around February. But I know that if we give our all, and trust in the Lord in all we do, we will see the fruits of our labors.
Anyways this week was a little sad as I had to say goodbye to all our investigators and memebers in Ayacucho that I grew to love so much. It was hard to leave the families weve been working with, but I know Hna Murrilo will take good care of them.
Lots of Love and I promise to send pictures of the beach newxt week!


Hermana Mostert

Thursday, October 15, 2015




This week we went to the temple! As family history sisters, we get to take recent converts to the temple every month and a half. This week we went with the Huamani Family (Jose, Haydee and Willis), who got baptized just over 2 months ago. They were so excited to go, and it was an amazing experience to be able to be with them as they went into the temple for the first time. The spirit and their testimonies made the total 20 hour trip worth it! We saw many miracles on this trip too, as we had only been able find 2 endowed bretheren to accompany us, but at the temple were able to find another group that were able to complete our group! I love the temple and its truly a blessing to be able to go there, even if it is 10 hrs from Ayacucho.

Anyways, this was a very difficult week in our area. We didnt have many lessons, and walked alot. Satan worked hard with our progressing investigators aswell, as because of various issues, Mirke And Zully will not be married or baptized this week, and neither will Misael. Nevertheless, we were able to see simple and small miracles. Last sunday, a brother who hadnt been to church in 15 years came to our chapel with his wife and children. We were able to visit them and all he wants is to return to church so he can baptize his wife and children. This family is amazing, and they were a blessing.

In other news, this saturday is cambios, and everyone in the zone and our ward is bidding me farewell, as its most likely Im leaving the area. Theres a small chance Ill stay but nevertheless I am so grateful that I was able to spend these wonder 4 and half months in Ayacucho!

Lots of Love,
Hermana Mostert




Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WEEK#16 Getting Eaten by Bugs and General Conference



This was an amazing week! Primarily because we were able to hear from our living prophet and apostles, but also because weve been able to help families take a step closer to the temple!
This week we were able to teach and commit to baptism, Misael, the husband of a recent convert. And hes working to be baptized on his sons 8th birthday (this 17th) and to get baptized with his son, by his older son!! We are so excited and you can feel the love within this family and they work together to be one in the gospel.

We also kept working with Mirke and Zully. They should have all their papers by tommorow, and Im sure we will do all in power to get them married this 16th. We taught them the word of wisdom and tithing this week, which they accepted very well. They even asked if they could start paying their tithing from now on!

This week was great because we also got to see General Conference. The stake center set up a little room where we gringos could hear it in English. It was great to hear the voice of the prophet. I especially loved Pres Holland{s talk on motherhood, I can testify of all his words, I know I wouldnt be here serving the lord with all my heart mind and strength if it wasnt for my amazing mother. Te amo mama m}con todo mi corazon. Also Elder Bednars remarks were just what I needed. PONDERIZE haha I liked that too.

Anyways this friday we travel to lima with our converts to go to the temple!

Lots of Love, 
Hermana Mostert


Saturday, October 3, 2015





Buenas Tardes Familias and Friends!
This was a good week, we worked hard and reaped the benefits. Almost every day we went out at 10 in the morning and came back around 9:30 at night. We walked alot, and were blessed with many lessons. We were also able to find 2 new families and 6 new investiagtors, it was truly a blessing.

This week we kept working with Mirke and Zully to prepare them for their wedding this 16 of October and baptism this 17th of Octuber. But there has been great opposition, and difficulties as shes from the Jungle and she recently lost her ID, which takes 15 days to recieve a new one. We trying ouir best to work with some of the connections we have in our ward who work for the government. We are praying everyday for everything to work  out.

This saturday we also had the chance to Travel to Huanta for family history. Its a cute little city in the mountains, about an hour from Ayacucho. The trip there was twisty and Hna Murillo got really dizzy ahah. But it was worth it because we got to teach 6 people and commit them to go to the temple this 9th of octobre.

In other news, Spring has started here in Peru. Which means the sun is in full furry and we get back sunburned almost everyday, y si mama me estoy poniedo bloqueador cada dia. We are also getting eaten alive by all the bugs, which is fun. But its all worth it in the long run.

I love being a missionary!
HErmana Mostert

Tuesday, September 22, 2015



Buenos dias Familia y Friends!
This week was amazing! Alot of the week was spent walking but we also had many wonderful lessons with members there to support us with their wonderful testimonies. 

At the begining of this week, we were able to find a recent convert Ive spent the last 3 and half months here in Ayacucho looking for. Her name is Modesta and shes 92 years old, and only speaks Quetchua. We had no idea how we were going to be able to talk to her or comfort her (she hasnt come to church for a while because she is sick and weak). But we prayed with her, sang hymns and shared a short thought on the Atonement in broken Quetchua (the little we knew and the little MOdestas daughter-in-law could translate). Yet the spirit carried the message and I know she understood us and could feel the love God has for her.

This week weve been working aswell with Mirke and Zulli to prepare them to get married and baptized. We had an amazing lesson this week as we shared with them how life continues after death and how we can be together as a family in the next life aswell. They are amazing, I love them so much (and not only because they bought us pizza Friday night).

This weekend was great because not only did we have Stake Conference where Elder Godoy came, but we also had a zone conf with our President Douglas. The big news in stake conference is that our ward is Bishop-less becuase our bishop is the new stake president!

Anyways I love you all and love to hear how your lives are going. Also i love recieveing pictures too!


Thursday, September 17, 2015


It is a fire or it is a firework? , she didn't say.

Hermana Murillo y Hermana Mostert

Hola Famila and Friends!
This week was full of walking, burning sun, and miracles.

This week we continued working with Mirke and Sulli to help them commit to getting married. We had the most amazing lesson with them on Friday night, where a young couple, David and Norma and their new little baby, James; acompanied us. The spirt was sooooo strong, as David and Norma were able to bear their testimonies of how marriage has blessed their lives, and most importantly their testimony of eternal marriage in the temple. We then asked Hermano Mirke if they had the chance to pray about marriage together, he said he had but hadnt recieved any big answer, as he had been expecting. Then we asked Sulli, her answer will stay with me forever. She said that the night before she had a dream, I was there with her smiling with the biggest smile she had ever seen. She was also with her mom in her dream, and she stood in front of mirror in a beautiful white dress getting ready for her wedding. She expressed how she felt pure happiness in that dream and that she knew that was their answer. It was truly a miracle. That very night we were able to commit them to be married and baptized this 16th of October.

This week we were also able to begin working with Harols mom, as we put a goal with her to reurn to church and let us visit her so she can go to the Temple with Harol for the first time this 9th of October. I know this experience will be truly the greatest alongside his mother.

This week tahnks to the referral of the stake secreatry, we were able to find a cute little family of Antonia and her children Kevin, Luis, Miguel, Jose, and Cristofer. They are so humble and loving and I already love each one of them.

In other news this week is stake conference and the stake makes the fanciest invitations to give out. so weve been inviting all our investigators and less actives. Someone from the 70 is coming which is super exciting too.

I love being a missionary, there is no greater joy than knowing you are in the service of your fellow men and your Lord. I know this is the true church, that Jesus is the savior of the World, and more than ever that families can be together forever.
Hermana Mostert


Wednesday, September 9, 2015



Saludos desde Ayacucho, la tierra de la tierra y del sol que quema.


This was a crazy, yet amazing week. This week was very busy as we prepared for Harolds baptism and also as Hermana Arroyo prepared to head home. We also worked hard with a family of investigators, Mirke and Sully, whove been to church twice already. We had a lesson on wednesday with them where they both bore the strongest testimonies of how recieving the gospel and reading the book of Mormon has blessed their family, they have two children. Weve been working hard to get them married, and while they havent commited to a specific date,yet, they understand that to be an eternal family, first they need to be a familly established on marriage. They are beautiful family, and everytime I see them I cant help but imagine them in the temple. If theres something Ive realized so far, its that our purpose as missionaries isnt to just baptize, but to create eternal families. I can testify that I know the temple is the house of God and that there it is possible for our families to united for all time and eternity.

In other great news, Saturday morning Harold got baptized!! We had his interview on thursday and when he came out he was smiling brighter than ever. Saturday was an amazing day, Hno David from the Young Men shared a message telling a story of how one night he forgot his keys and had to enter thorugh a window, which didnt end up too well. He used this as an analogy of how the door we need to enter in in life is baptism, but as it is only a door there is alot more we need to do, enduring to the end and going to the temple. Then came the ordinace where the spirit was so strong, nad though he came up shivering, because the water here is COLD, there was a smile on his face that showed he knew his life had changed. Then Harold shared a short but very sweet testimony. Then his Mother, whose been less active most of her life, stood up and bore the most powerful testimony, that she would never leave the church again thanks to the example of her son. The people I have met here, have changed me so much for the better and I love them so much.

That same saturday night, Hermana Arroyo left. It was a sad moment as I know Ill miss her alot, but at the same time I have learned so much from her and am beyond greatful for the chance I had to be her companion. My new companion arrived Monday morning, Hermana Murillo from HONDURAS! She is amazing, and came ready to work hard and watch the miracles fall into place. May I also add that her last companion was my first companion, Hermana Ramirez. Anyways, I am very excited to start working hard with her.

Anyways all else is great here in Ayacucho. I love being a missionary, nothing else compares.
Lots of Love,
Hermana Mostert
Matthew 19-29



Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Hermanas Mostert y Arroyo at Lima Peru Temple.

Hola Familia and Friends,
This was another great week. It had the most amazing start of course with the visit of Elder Bednar on Wednesday. His meeting with us testified to me the importance of the spirit in missionary work, how we should always follow the spirit, as well as teach by it. it was a trying week because we spent 20 hours in the bus traveling back and forth from Ayacucho to Lima, but it was definitly worth it. We ended up not traveling this weekend to the temple, but it was all good because now we have the chance to take more converts next time in Octobre. This week was also great as our investigator Harold continued to progress as he prepared for his baptism (this 5th of September). We also had the chance to visit many less active memembers and see the change in them as we taugh them the restoration of the gospel. We were also able to find many new people to teach through our visits to less actives, as once their testimony began to spark again, they wished to share with their family and friends. 
Lots of Love,
hermana Mostert

Wednesday, August 26, 2015



Hola Familia and Friends.
This week we get to see Elder Bednar on Wednesday and take converts to the Temple on Saturday. Its gonna be a crazy week of travels but amazing experiences too.
The miracle we witnessed this week was thanks to the strong testimony of a member. We were teaching Sabath day obeservance to a family, Mirke and Sully, who had previously told us that they would be unable to attend sacrament the following sunday because money was short and Mirke would have to work. Prompted by the spirit we asked, Hermana Margarita who was accompanying us to share her testimony on how attending church has blessed her family. She shared one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard, sharing how she had to make the sacrafice to close her family stores to observe the sabbath. She testified that her family was always unified, and that even though they couldve had another day of revenue, no matter money was never short in their home. As she finnished her testimony, almost immediatley, the couple said they would be there on time, and began asking us what to wear and what would occuring during the services. The next day, they were there on time to take the sacrament and they both shared the strong impressions of the spirits they felt.
THis week I also ate cuy (guinea pig) on pday! Also our next door neighbors built a house and then had a christening party (see picture) where they climbed on the roof and started throwing candy and people passing by.
Everything is going well down here in Peru!
I love and miss you all, and keep sending me pictures!
Hermana Mostert



Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Buenas Tardes Familia and Friends!

This past week was full of rain, travel, and miracles up here in Ayacucho. From Monday to about
Thursday, it poured. Nevertheless we went out (with umbrellas and raincoats in hand) and searched, found and taught. This week our miracle came, when a man, Mirke, contacted us in the middle of the street one night. He asked us what we were doing in Peru (It is quite apparent to many that Hna Arroyo and I are not Peruvians) and what was the message we shared. We shared with him abit on the restoration, the book of MOrmon and the Atonement, and we asked if we could visit him the next day, The folllowing day, when we met up with him, he took us to his home, where to our surprise he introduced us to "the most valuable thing" in his life; his wife and two children. We had found a family, both of the parents were very prepared to recieve us and the gospel. They are amazing, and while they arent married yet, I can´t wait for the day when they can become an eternal family.

Becuase of my status as a resident of the great US of A, this week my companion and I also made the 10 hour trip to Lima, so I could go to immigrations on Friday. It was trying, but still was a nice experience to "see the city". The best thing was that my roomate from the MTC, Hermana Artigas had to go through immigartions too!! So while we had to sit around for about 3 hours, we were able to catch up. Then in the afternoon we went out prosletying with the Hermanas from Chorillos Zone in Lima. Their area is really nice and reminds me of parts of Chihuahua!

 Saturday night I had a little accident :) . As I mentioned the crazy rain, by saturday there was a river that formed through part of our area. Hermana Arroyo and I found a pàth of rocks that we started across, but I started loosing my grip so I grabbed onto a nearby wall. Needless to say, that wall was actually a cactus, which dug about 7 huge spines into my left hand. It took my companion and the sister who was accompaning us 10 mins to get them all out. So now I have a bruised left hand and a new fear of cacti. haha but Im doing fine.

Everything is going great down here in Peru,

P.S. Shoutout to Ben Jones for getting called to the SAN DIEGO MISSION! Mom and Dad, you have to tell me slash send me a picture if you run into him when he reports in September.


Hola Familia and Friends,
This week was great, as always!

We had a bunch of family history lessons (one suddenly interupted by a city-wide power outtage wednesday night), and we able to get 5 recent converts to commit to go to the temple with us this 28th of August.

This week weve been working hard with the most amazing family we found towards the middle of the last cambio. Theyre getting ready to be baptized the 22 of this month and they are amazing. The have such strong testimonies of the book of mormon already, they attend church every week and many activities too. They continue to amaze me, as one of the daughters whose 12 showed us yesterday that she has a notebook with notes on the readings weve left them from the Book of Mormon. It is such a beautiful experience seeing people grow in the church and in Christ.

This week President McGinn came to have a training zone conference with us. It was great and I learned the importance of teaching The Restoration in every possible opportunity. President McGinn also came with great news, that Elder Bednar is coming to visit our mission the 26th of August!!!!!!

Everything in our area is going well and were working hard, and climbing lots of hills!

Lots of Love,
Hermana Mostert

Thursday, August 6, 2015


                                         Greetings from Ayacucho, Peru, the greatest place ever.

Her new missionary bag, with a wrong name Sister .MONSTERT!
This week I had two new companions. Because of the holiday (Peruvian INdependence day on tuesday) my new companion couldnt travel until Wednesday night, so I was with Hermana Hansen in Garcilazo (the downtown area of Ayacucho) the first half of the week. My new companion Hermana Arroyo is the best! She is from Cordoba, Argentina and is the funniest, most energetic person I have ever met. This is also her last area, so shes beyond excited that she gets to finnish her mission in paradise. That also means that I get to stay in Ayacucho for atleast 3 more months!! WOOO

This week was abit difficult becuase of my companion being in Lima until thursday, we only had 4 days to work in our area. But we never the less worked our hardest, and I introduced her to many members, and the majority of our HUGE area. Another big change this week was that we got a new ward mission leader, who is very commited to working hard and connecting the members more.

We witnessed countless miracles this week, as besides the fact we had limited time in our area, we were able to find new investiagtors to teach. We were also able to have alot of family history lessons, which I love so much. Anyways I feel so blessed to have a new companion that I have already learned so much from!

Lots of love,
Hermana Mostert

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Hola Familia and Friends!
This week marked the end of my first Transfer! I am no longer the newest person in the Peru Lima Sur Mission. The sad news that comes along with that is that Hermana Ramirez got transfered to San Juan in Lima, so this was our last week together.
AJI DE GALLINA !!!MMMMM!!!UN platillo muy

Never the less we spent our last week together (we didnt know it would be our last together) working hard to meet our goals and talk to everyone. We felt the spirit like no other this week as we were able to commit many of our investigators to baptism and marriage. We were also able to focus many of our efforts visiting new converts and less active members. We were able to witness countless miracles as the Lord touched the hearts of many of those we had the opportunity to teach.

Anyways, it was sad to see Hermana Ramirez leave but I know Ive learned so much for her and she has made me not only a better missionary, but a better person. My new companion is Hermana Arroyo from Argentina! I havent had the chance to meet with her because she doesnt arrive from Lima till Thursday, but I´m excited for the opportunity to learn and work with someone new.

On tuesday our mail came and with it my new mission bag package from home!! This bag I had to send back to Lima because they spelt my name Hermana Monstert, haha. But the package was perfect!! Thanks Dad for all the CDs, the Bible and the Sour Patches. The rest of the gringos in my zone went crazy when I shared them in our zone meeting.Mama gracias por los calendarios y los diarios, yo y Hermana Ramirez estamos muy agradecidos y estan tan lindos!!!

Missionary Life is the best.                           
Lots of Love,
Hermana Mostert