Thursday, March 31, 2016


Hola Familia and Friends.

This week was hot! The sun burnt a bit and the buggs bit us.

BUt the work went great. Thankfully it was semana Santa, which ment that lots of people were home and we could visit them! We had a lot of lessons and were able to commit one of our investigatores to baptism!

We are truly seeing alot of miracles as our investigators continue to progress towards baptism!

This week for service we painted a house! Well sanded the walls first and then painted like artists. Needless to say my arms were sore for a few days after. We also had the opportunity to watch the womens session of conference. It was great! Crazy becuase I feel like conference was just a few weeks ago. 

This week Im looking forward to conference and too keep working hard


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Desde Peru solo fotos esta semana!!

 Esta semana no hubo carta para la familia y los amigos y estas fotos me las mando la Hermana Milagros.


Las misioneras con la hermana Milagros y sus peques

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


BUENAS Amigos and Friends!


This week was hot, and yet the work continued. And we worked harder than ever. Where should I start with all the miracles we saw this week? This week I was able to witness the power of the book of mormon. Weve been teaching Marcos, whose accepted a baptismal date and is progressing alot. Hes had problems with his eyes lately so his daughter (who previously had told us she wasnt interetsed) has been helping him read the chapters we leave him in the book of mormon. On friday we went to visit him and his daughter came in and said that from reading the book of mormon, she knew that what we were teaching was good and true, and she said she wanted to hear us. I Know without a doubt that the book of mormon is the key of our religion and that the spirit testifies through every word. This week we were also to see the impact of commiting people with authority and connecting them with members as 6 of  our investigators were able to make it to church on sunday. I know the Lord is helping us in every moment to help speed up the work in this area hes trusted us with.

This week we also had the special opportunity to have a meeting with Elder Robbins of the presidency of the 70. It was a great meeting and I learned alot from him, but more from the spirit. I also had an amazing experience there, as the CCM, lima east and lima central were there aswell. I was able to meet one of the recent converts I helped go to the temple when I was in Ayacucho. I still remember in July when she told us that she had started working on her papers. And on Thursday I saw her, Hermana Tenorio, with her nametag on! It made me so happy and she was so happy to see me too! Its crazy how fast time flies by and how many amazing people Ive been able to meet so far.

This week our pensionista made lemon cream pie, and it was so good. Peruvian food in general is amazing, but Hna Milagros´s pie is out of this world.


ANyways all else is going well, working hard, and avoiding the sunburn.

Lots of Love!

Hermana Mostert


Saturday, March 12, 2016


Hola familia and friends.


Sorry to keep this brief this week.

But it was a great (yet very very hot and sunny) week here in Armonia. We were able ot go out and work hard and are slowly getting to see some of the fruits of our labors. This week we were able to find 3 new families to teach thorugh less active members. They are all really great and we cant wait to help them work towards baptism. This week we were able to tsee alot of progress in the less active members were working with asweel, a bunch of them are reading alot of the book of mormon and came to church on sunday.

Sorry once again for writing so little. But most importantly FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS MAMA!!!

Hermana Mostert

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Saludos familia and friends!


Let me start by saying how excited I am to be here in Armonia. I think everyday I just get more excited. I love it here. Theres definitly alot of work to do and I begin to see how all my past areas have helped me to learn how to help this new area aswell. The ward is great, they are all a little strange but all kind people. Theres been a bit of difficulty getting the ward council together but weve made a plan to try to commit everyone to come by visiting the liders throoughout the week. Anyways this week was a new adventure for me, and Im trying to stay patient trying to learn the area because it deifitnitly is HUGE. But my companions helping me alot and the members are great a supportive as well. This week we were able to find Martin, whose a little strange but understands the gospel super well, we also found Dayanar, who has some cousins who are members and shes really cute with her two little twins. 

As I said, our ward is the funniest, strangest group of people ever, I love them so much. A funny experience that happened this sunday was that this hermana gave a talk and them half way through asked everyone to look under the pews. We all looked and there was candy tapped to the pews. Yes, probably my favorite talk ever. haha

This week for service we took off, and then put on a roof of a house. It was hard work but loads of fun to. So a few weeks ago I learned how to build a house out of brick and now I now how to build an entire house because I know how to put the roof on!! YESSSSS

Anyways all is well here in Armonia just walking alot, seeing miracles, and working hard...and speaking english with my comp. :)

Amo ser misionera!