Tuesday, July 21, 2015


AT the Lima Temple with 2 new converts

Hola Familia and Friends,

Finally she found a Llama at the zoo!!!
This was another remarkable week. Difficult, yet remarkable. We were very short on time this week as we prepared to travel with recent converts from our stake during the weekend. The miracle (of the many) we witnessed this week was that My companion and I were walking to a lesson, when two people sped by on motocycles, racing. In an instant, the exhaust pipe of one of the motorcycles came flying off, with sparks everywhere straight at us. We jumped, but at the last minute there seemed to be something stopping the scalding hot piece of metal from hitting us. All of a sudden it went in the opposite direction, like it had bounced off an imaginary barrier or something. I can more than ever testify that the Lord protects his missionaries, and wont let any harm come unto us. It is just another incredible part of this work. This week, we struggled finding new investigators, though we put all our minds and hearts into in. We have begun to place a higher emphasis in visiting and teaching our recent converts in our area, though it is a challenge as many, many are children and many inactive. But we know that retaining members and taking them to the temple is one of the most important aspects of missionary work.investigators and converts, the temple.

The definite highlight of this week was friday, when we were able to board a bus (very late at night) and travel to Lima (arriving early saturday morning) to the TEMPLE! It was an amazing experience as we were able to take 3 of the recent converts from our stake weve been helping and teaching about family history to. It was incredible to hear their testimonies about the spirit they felt, being able to enter into the House of God for the first time, and be able to do work for their ancestors as well. It was such an amazing experience that has made me so grateful for temples and so much more excited for family history as well.

Monday for Pday we went to the zoo, which was a bit of a sad sight, since many of the animals were underfed. But on the plus side I saw a llama!!!
This saturday are cambios, and both hna ramirez are praying she wont get changed, but shes been here in ayacucho for almost 4 and a half months so its very likely.

Love you all, send me lots of pictures and keep me up on your lives.
Being a missionary is the best,


Tuesday, July 14, 2015




Hola Familia and Friends.

Its crazy to think I just finnished my first month in the mission field! Everyday is a blessing and miracles are all plenty. It has been another great week up here in Ayacucho. We had alot of work in both our area and in Family History. We were blessed with 4 new investigators, alot of refereneces and many more miracles. One I would like to share was on Saturday, when we went to visit a less active sister. We were able to set her a goal of when to be able to go to the temple. Then at the end of the lesson she gave us a reference to visit her sister and her family, who she said were both very good people and would benefit alot from the gospel. We thanked her and then promptly left. In the street we saw a cute little family walking by, so we contacted them. After asking them for their contact information, my companion and I were surprised to realize that it was the same family, the sister we had just visited had given us as a reference. I was truly a miracle, especially in the fact that they were very interested in the gospel! We were also given a reference for a family this week from the Elders in our zone, and they are such a blessing as well. They have the biggest intent to follow the saviour, and to ensure a great life built on good morals and values for their new son. They shared with us the moment their son was born and the love they felt, and how they never want to loose that feeling. God prepares people for the gospel, I can truly testify of that.

This week we also went to Quinoua, which is up in the mountains for P-day. It was soooo beautiful. We stopped and took photos at a monument they have for the Battle of Ayacucho, where some little kids sang us the history of the place (for charge of course). Then we played capture the flag for llike 20 minutes until because of the altitude our lungs couldnt take it anymore.

This week is going to be crazy because on friday we leave to go to Lima to go to the TEMPLE!!! I am so excited but for now we have alot of planning and family history work to get done.

Love you all!
Hermana Mostert

Thursday, July 9, 2015




Hola Querida Familia y Friend-os.
This week was AMAZING. We had the chance to teach alot of family history lessons and commit more people to go to the temple with us. We also found a bunch of new investigators, and 2 new families who are all so great! Our past investigators are all progressing, even though a couple of them are going through some really tough times lately. The gospel I know has reached them at this time for a reason though, as I know that only Christ can strengthen then and help this in this time of difficulty.
Anyways I always forget things so Ill just go day by day.
MONDAY: Pday so we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned as President Douglas wanted us to welcome our new President McGinn with clean apartments. Also for the first time in a month I had a SALAD!! It was glorious, cesar salads taste like home.
TUESDAY: We had a meeting with the take president and the high priests and were able to talk with them about our role in fanily history.
WEDNESDAY: We found 4 new investigators and I was able to bear strong testimonies to them. It was a Miracle Miercoles (Hna Ramirez thinks the words sound the same ahah)
THURSDAY: 1 Month anniversary, and we jhad the opportunity to teach a gamily history lesson to a recent convert sister of 1 year. Shes planning on going on a mission so <i was able to testify to her how amazing a blessing and experience being a missionary is and how i wouldnt change it for anything.
FRIDAY:RAINSTORM. Actually I havent ever seen so much rain in my life. IT WAS LIKE A FLOOD. The peruvian national team was also playing so lots of our appointmenets cancelled. So there was alot of walking/pretty much swimming in the rain. we eventually guilt tripped some investigatores into letting us in, and then there were crazy lighting close by so they turned off all their light and made us take off all our jewlrey, in order to prevent getting struck by lighting.
SATURDAY: MERICA DAY. We were able to have a conference with our new President, president Douglas. HIm and his wife are incredible, and what made their meeting with me even beter was that they said that they met Karson at the MTC!!!!! And that he sends me his greeting! HI KARSON MISS YOU TONS!!! We also had burgers and fries for 4th of july, Freedom rings even here. It tasted like victory.
We taught Relief Society a lesson on family histry. Also a brother in the ward whose a photographer donated like 500 posters with the picture of the Lima Temple, so every member could have one. WE  got one too!!

Hermana MOstert

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hola Familia and Friends!
Greeting once more from the mountains.

Hermana Ramirez and Hermana Mostert
Las hermanas with the same shoes
This week has been crazy busy, and I have no idea where to start. I finally got over being sick with a cold this week, which had probably caused by the cold nights here and the freezing mountain water we bathe in. But I am all strong and good to go.Well except for my thumb which I hit on a gate, and now is all purple. Besides that all good! I also finally called my first bus stop this week, because buses "stop" (aka slow down so you can jump off) at any corner so you have to plan it at the right time and yell "Esquina BAJA!". So yes i am on my way to being an honrary peruvian.

This week was also great cause we had a lot of Family History Lessons (as were the missionaries in charge of it for all of Ayacucho). Its honestly one of my favorite things to talk about temples, and help people do their geneology. Its also great cause were preparing many recent converts to take family names to the temple on July 18th and we get to go too!

On Friday I had my first/Last Unizone(were a zone by ourselves since were so far away from any other sign of civilization) Conference with President Douglas, as he finished his mission this week. It was a great experience to learn how to improve our means of finding new investigators, and depending on the Lord in order to be better missionaries.Our new president comes next saturday which I am very excited for aswell.

The end of this week we found and taught a new investigator, F. He is incredible as he is very receptive and has a strong longing to follow Christ. Everytime we teach him the spirit is so strong, and he constantly tells us its a feeling he never wants to, or can risk to loose. I had the opportunity to also invite him to prepare to be baptized on the 25th of July, and he accepted. This work is truly amazing, and its experiences like those that make all the hard work worth it.

We had lessons this week with less active member in a part of our area Id never been. We usually dont go up there, becuase it is very very very UP there. We basically had to climb up the side of a mountain. But the view was amazing! we could see the whole city surrouond by the towering mountains. Gods earth is beautiful.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to give a talk in church. I shared the 5 thing Elder Useda of the 70 shared we should have, last week in the Trujillo Temple dedications. I liked it so much Im gonna share them will all yalls too and invite you to follow them.
1. Have a picture of the temple visible in your home
2.Work on Family History (fill ou the My Family Booklet)
3. Buy Temple Clothes
4. Have a current temple recommend
5. Attend the temple as frequently as possible.

Love you all!
Hermana Mostert