Tuesday, July 21, 2015


AT the Lima Temple with 2 new converts

Hola Familia and Friends,

Finally she found a Llama at the zoo!!!
This was another remarkable week. Difficult, yet remarkable. We were very short on time this week as we prepared to travel with recent converts from our stake during the weekend. The miracle (of the many) we witnessed this week was that My companion and I were walking to a lesson, when two people sped by on motocycles, racing. In an instant, the exhaust pipe of one of the motorcycles came flying off, with sparks everywhere straight at us. We jumped, but at the last minute there seemed to be something stopping the scalding hot piece of metal from hitting us. All of a sudden it went in the opposite direction, like it had bounced off an imaginary barrier or something. I can more than ever testify that the Lord protects his missionaries, and wont let any harm come unto us. It is just another incredible part of this work. This week, we struggled finding new investigators, though we put all our minds and hearts into in. We have begun to place a higher emphasis in visiting and teaching our recent converts in our area, though it is a challenge as many, many are children and many inactive. But we know that retaining members and taking them to the temple is one of the most important aspects of missionary work.investigators and converts, the temple.

The definite highlight of this week was friday, when we were able to board a bus (very late at night) and travel to Lima (arriving early saturday morning) to the TEMPLE! It was an amazing experience as we were able to take 3 of the recent converts from our stake weve been helping and teaching about family history to. It was incredible to hear their testimonies about the spirit they felt, being able to enter into the House of God for the first time, and be able to do work for their ancestors as well. It was such an amazing experience that has made me so grateful for temples and so much more excited for family history as well.

Monday for Pday we went to the zoo, which was a bit of a sad sight, since many of the animals were underfed. But on the plus side I saw a llama!!!
This saturday are cambios, and both hna ramirez are praying she wont get changed, but shes been here in ayacucho for almost 4 and a half months so its very likely.

Love you all, send me lots of pictures and keep me up on your lives.
Being a missionary is the best,