Wednesday, August 26, 2015



Hola Familia and Friends.
This week we get to see Elder Bednar on Wednesday and take converts to the Temple on Saturday. Its gonna be a crazy week of travels but amazing experiences too.
The miracle we witnessed this week was thanks to the strong testimony of a member. We were teaching Sabath day obeservance to a family, Mirke and Sully, who had previously told us that they would be unable to attend sacrament the following sunday because money was short and Mirke would have to work. Prompted by the spirit we asked, Hermana Margarita who was accompanying us to share her testimony on how attending church has blessed her family. She shared one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard, sharing how she had to make the sacrafice to close her family stores to observe the sabbath. She testified that her family was always unified, and that even though they couldve had another day of revenue, no matter money was never short in their home. As she finnished her testimony, almost immediatley, the couple said they would be there on time, and began asking us what to wear and what would occuring during the services. The next day, they were there on time to take the sacrament and they both shared the strong impressions of the spirits they felt.
THis week I also ate cuy (guinea pig) on pday! Also our next door neighbors built a house and then had a christening party (see picture) where they climbed on the roof and started throwing candy and people passing by.
Everything is going well down here in Peru!
I love and miss you all, and keep sending me pictures!
Hermana Mostert



Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Buenas Tardes Familia and Friends!

This past week was full of rain, travel, and miracles up here in Ayacucho. From Monday to about
Thursday, it poured. Nevertheless we went out (with umbrellas and raincoats in hand) and searched, found and taught. This week our miracle came, when a man, Mirke, contacted us in the middle of the street one night. He asked us what we were doing in Peru (It is quite apparent to many that Hna Arroyo and I are not Peruvians) and what was the message we shared. We shared with him abit on the restoration, the book of MOrmon and the Atonement, and we asked if we could visit him the next day, The folllowing day, when we met up with him, he took us to his home, where to our surprise he introduced us to "the most valuable thing" in his life; his wife and two children. We had found a family, both of the parents were very prepared to recieve us and the gospel. They are amazing, and while they arent married yet, I can´t wait for the day when they can become an eternal family.

Becuase of my status as a resident of the great US of A, this week my companion and I also made the 10 hour trip to Lima, so I could go to immigrations on Friday. It was trying, but still was a nice experience to "see the city". The best thing was that my roomate from the MTC, Hermana Artigas had to go through immigartions too!! So while we had to sit around for about 3 hours, we were able to catch up. Then in the afternoon we went out prosletying with the Hermanas from Chorillos Zone in Lima. Their area is really nice and reminds me of parts of Chihuahua!

 Saturday night I had a little accident :) . As I mentioned the crazy rain, by saturday there was a river that formed through part of our area. Hermana Arroyo and I found a p├áth of rocks that we started across, but I started loosing my grip so I grabbed onto a nearby wall. Needless to say, that wall was actually a cactus, which dug about 7 huge spines into my left hand. It took my companion and the sister who was accompaning us 10 mins to get them all out. So now I have a bruised left hand and a new fear of cacti. haha but Im doing fine.

Everything is going great down here in Peru,

P.S. Shoutout to Ben Jones for getting called to the SAN DIEGO MISSION! Mom and Dad, you have to tell me slash send me a picture if you run into him when he reports in September.


Hola Familia and Friends,
This week was great, as always!

We had a bunch of family history lessons (one suddenly interupted by a city-wide power outtage wednesday night), and we able to get 5 recent converts to commit to go to the temple with us this 28th of August.

This week weve been working hard with the most amazing family we found towards the middle of the last cambio. Theyre getting ready to be baptized the 22 of this month and they are amazing. The have such strong testimonies of the book of mormon already, they attend church every week and many activities too. They continue to amaze me, as one of the daughters whose 12 showed us yesterday that she has a notebook with notes on the readings weve left them from the Book of Mormon. It is such a beautiful experience seeing people grow in the church and in Christ.

This week President McGinn came to have a training zone conference with us. It was great and I learned the importance of teaching The Restoration in every possible opportunity. President McGinn also came with great news, that Elder Bednar is coming to visit our mission the 26th of August!!!!!!

Everything in our area is going well and were working hard, and climbing lots of hills!

Lots of Love,
Hermana Mostert

Thursday, August 6, 2015


                                         Greetings from Ayacucho, Peru, the greatest place ever.

Her new missionary bag, with a wrong name Sister .MONSTERT!
This week I had two new companions. Because of the holiday (Peruvian INdependence day on tuesday) my new companion couldnt travel until Wednesday night, so I was with Hermana Hansen in Garcilazo (the downtown area of Ayacucho) the first half of the week. My new companion Hermana Arroyo is the best! She is from Cordoba, Argentina and is the funniest, most energetic person I have ever met. This is also her last area, so shes beyond excited that she gets to finnish her mission in paradise. That also means that I get to stay in Ayacucho for atleast 3 more months!! WOOO

This week was abit difficult becuase of my companion being in Lima until thursday, we only had 4 days to work in our area. But we never the less worked our hardest, and I introduced her to many members, and the majority of our HUGE area. Another big change this week was that we got a new ward mission leader, who is very commited to working hard and connecting the members more.

We witnessed countless miracles this week, as besides the fact we had limited time in our area, we were able to find new investiagtors to teach. We were also able to have alot of family history lessons, which I love so much. Anyways I feel so blessed to have a new companion that I have already learned so much from!

Lots of love,
Hermana Mostert

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Hola Familia and Friends!
This week marked the end of my first Transfer! I am no longer the newest person in the Peru Lima Sur Mission. The sad news that comes along with that is that Hermana Ramirez got transfered to San Juan in Lima, so this was our last week together.
AJI DE GALLINA !!!MMMMM!!!UN platillo muy

Never the less we spent our last week together (we didnt know it would be our last together) working hard to meet our goals and talk to everyone. We felt the spirit like no other this week as we were able to commit many of our investigators to baptism and marriage. We were also able to focus many of our efforts visiting new converts and less active members. We were able to witness countless miracles as the Lord touched the hearts of many of those we had the opportunity to teach.

Anyways, it was sad to see Hermana Ramirez leave but I know Ive learned so much for her and she has made me not only a better missionary, but a better person. My new companion is Hermana Arroyo from Argentina! I havent had the chance to meet with her because she doesnt arrive from Lima till Thursday, but I´m excited for the opportunity to learn and work with someone new.

On tuesday our mail came and with it my new mission bag package from home!! This bag I had to send back to Lima because they spelt my name Hermana Monstert, haha. But the package was perfect!! Thanks Dad for all the CDs, the Bible and the Sour Patches. The rest of the gringos in my zone went crazy when I shared them in our zone meeting.Mama gracias por los calendarios y los diarios, yo y Hermana Ramirez estamos muy agradecidos y estan tan lindos!!!

Missionary Life is the best.                           
Lots of Love,
Hermana Mostert