Sunday, April 24, 2016


Buenos dias!

Greeting from San Juan. Except now from Jardin! Thats right the surprises just keep coming. I have been changed to Jardin, the small area next to my old area of Armonia. It was a bit sad at first because they closed our areas and elders are opening it. But in excited to work hard her, and train again. Im here finishing the training of Hna Mena, from Ecuador, Im also the Hermana Lider and were in Family History over 3 Zones aswell. Its alot of work, but Im excited for new experiences. 

Besides the sad news saturday night that they were closing our area, this week was great in Armonia! Saturday was the best because....KARINA AND MARCOS GOT BAPTIZED!! Their baptismal service was the best, the members put together a really lovely program. They both shared their testimonies and the spirit was so strong. I love them both so much and its been a blessing to be here at the time of their conversion, and to have been able to see the gospel in their lives.

This week elder godoy came which was awesome! Hna McGinn (presidents wife) also put me to work during the conference by being her translator, it was fun. Anyways Elder Godoy continued to emphasize the importnace of being exactly obedient. He is great and really, really funny. iT was a great expereince being trainied by him.

Anyways, this week Hna Turley left which was sad because I know Ill miss her. But she taught me so much on how to set good goals and how be diligent. We worked hard this transfer and I know we were able to see miracles because of it. 

Heres to the new opportunities in Jardin!

Hermana Mostert

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Buenos dias!

This week was great..and exhausting. To be completley honest I dont think I have worked so much before in my entire mission. We have 3 investigators who are working to be baptized this saturday. Its been alot of work getting their interviews in and making time to meet with them and trying to balance the rest of the work. Yet through diligent work, and what seems like the most diligent planning, we were able to make time for everything. I think that was the miracle this week. That we were able to make time for everything we need to do. And keep calm, we were able to keep pretty calm.

This week brings a new week of, OPORTUNITIES! We have set new goals to work on something we have struggled with these past weeks, that has been finding new investigators to teach. Also continuing to plan in a way that will allow us to get done all the many things we have planned. lots of prayers would be highly appreciated for our 3 investigators too.

This week was also election week. This ment that Sunday there wasnt church because everyone legally had to go out and vote. There we a bunch of poiling areas in our area, with lines and lines of people that seemed never ending. We also could only proslyte until 7:30 and had to stay with the other hermanas because our room was right by a voting location. But nevertheless It was a good day becuase everyone had it off from work, so there were alot of people we could find and teach.

Im really looking forward this week, not just because of our baptisms but because Elder Godoy of the 70 is coming to speak to us on wednesday! wooooooo.

Anyways, perdon mama no tiengo fotos.

Hermana Mostert

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Greetings from Lima....the future site of another TEMPLE!!!!! WOOOOO

That was the big news this week. When President Monson announced it during the Sunday session, everyones jaws dropped and we were all (literally) jumping for joy and cheering (in a reverant manner of course). Its so exciting!! Another temple in lima. Now the talk is where it could possibly be, the members say most probably in the north.

Anyways this weekend was general conference. And we were bless to see all 4 sessions on saturday and sunday. I dont know where to start because I loved them all. Elder Hollands ending talk for the conference was especially powerful. I also like the 70 who talked about pride. And ofcourse president monsons talk on decisions, I know we all could feel the spirit and recieve personal revelation. I know I was able to recognize many necessary changes and recieve many answers.

This week we were able to see many miracles as many of our investigators were able to attend the conference and have been progressing. 3 of them are wokrking towards baptism this month and they are all great. 

This week we also help move beds and a washing machine form the 4th building of the a home to the first. Yup muscles.

Anyways all is well here in Armonia. Just loving working hard! Its crazy how fast 10 months have gone by!

Hermana Mostert