Tuesday, September 22, 2015



Buenos dias Familia y Friends!
This week was amazing! Alot of the week was spent walking but we also had many wonderful lessons with members there to support us with their wonderful testimonies. 

At the begining of this week, we were able to find a recent convert Ive spent the last 3 and half months here in Ayacucho looking for. Her name is Modesta and shes 92 years old, and only speaks Quetchua. We had no idea how we were going to be able to talk to her or comfort her (she hasnt come to church for a while because she is sick and weak). But we prayed with her, sang hymns and shared a short thought on the Atonement in broken Quetchua (the little we knew and the little MOdestas daughter-in-law could translate). Yet the spirit carried the message and I know she understood us and could feel the love God has for her.

This week weve been working aswell with Mirke and Zulli to prepare them to get married and baptized. We had an amazing lesson this week as we shared with them how life continues after death and how we can be together as a family in the next life aswell. They are amazing, I love them so much (and not only because they bought us pizza Friday night).

This weekend was great because not only did we have Stake Conference where Elder Godoy came, but we also had a zone conf with our President Douglas. The big news in stake conference is that our ward is Bishop-less becuase our bishop is the new stake president!

Anyways I love you all and love to hear how your lives are going. Also i love recieveing pictures too!


Thursday, September 17, 2015


It is a fire or it is a firework? , she didn't say.

Hermana Murillo y Hermana Mostert

Hola Famila and Friends!
This week was full of walking, burning sun, and miracles.

This week we continued working with Mirke and Sulli to help them commit to getting married. We had the most amazing lesson with them on Friday night, where a young couple, David and Norma and their new little baby, James; acompanied us. The spirt was sooooo strong, as David and Norma were able to bear their testimonies of how marriage has blessed their lives, and most importantly their testimony of eternal marriage in the temple. We then asked Hermano Mirke if they had the chance to pray about marriage together, he said he had but hadnt recieved any big answer, as he had been expecting. Then we asked Sulli, her answer will stay with me forever. She said that the night before she had a dream, I was there with her smiling with the biggest smile she had ever seen. She was also with her mom in her dream, and she stood in front of mirror in a beautiful white dress getting ready for her wedding. She expressed how she felt pure happiness in that dream and that she knew that was their answer. It was truly a miracle. That very night we were able to commit them to be married and baptized this 16th of October.

This week we were also able to begin working with Harols mom, as we put a goal with her to reurn to church and let us visit her so she can go to the Temple with Harol for the first time this 9th of October. I know this experience will be truly the greatest alongside his mother.

This week tahnks to the referral of the stake secreatry, we were able to find a cute little family of Antonia and her children Kevin, Luis, Miguel, Jose, and Cristofer. They are so humble and loving and I already love each one of them.

In other news this week is stake conference and the stake makes the fanciest invitations to give out. so weve been inviting all our investigators and less actives. Someone from the 70 is coming which is super exciting too.

I love being a missionary, there is no greater joy than knowing you are in the service of your fellow men and your Lord. I know this is the true church, that Jesus is the savior of the World, and more than ever that families can be together forever.
Hermana Mostert


Wednesday, September 9, 2015



Saludos desde Ayacucho, la tierra de la tierra y del sol que quema.


This was a crazy, yet amazing week. This week was very busy as we prepared for Harolds baptism and also as Hermana Arroyo prepared to head home. We also worked hard with a family of investigators, Mirke and Sully, whove been to church twice already. We had a lesson on wednesday with them where they both bore the strongest testimonies of how recieving the gospel and reading the book of Mormon has blessed their family, they have two children. Weve been working hard to get them married, and while they havent commited to a specific date,yet, they understand that to be an eternal family, first they need to be a familly established on marriage. They are beautiful family, and everytime I see them I cant help but imagine them in the temple. If theres something Ive realized so far, its that our purpose as missionaries isnt to just baptize, but to create eternal families. I can testify that I know the temple is the house of God and that there it is possible for our families to united for all time and eternity.

In other great news, Saturday morning Harold got baptized!! We had his interview on thursday and when he came out he was smiling brighter than ever. Saturday was an amazing day, Hno David from the Young Men shared a message telling a story of how one night he forgot his keys and had to enter thorugh a window, which didnt end up too well. He used this as an analogy of how the door we need to enter in in life is baptism, but as it is only a door there is alot more we need to do, enduring to the end and going to the temple. Then came the ordinace where the spirit was so strong, nad though he came up shivering, because the water here is COLD, there was a smile on his face that showed he knew his life had changed. Then Harold shared a short but very sweet testimony. Then his Mother, whose been less active most of her life, stood up and bore the most powerful testimony, that she would never leave the church again thanks to the example of her son. The people I have met here, have changed me so much for the better and I love them so much.

That same saturday night, Hermana Arroyo left. It was a sad moment as I know Ill miss her alot, but at the same time I have learned so much from her and am beyond greatful for the chance I had to be her companion. My new companion arrived Monday morning, Hermana Murillo from HONDURAS! She is amazing, and came ready to work hard and watch the miracles fall into place. May I also add that her last companion was my first companion, Hermana Ramirez. Anyways, I am very excited to start working hard with her.

Anyways all else is great here in Ayacucho. I love being a missionary, nothing else compares.
Lots of Love,
Hermana Mostert
Matthew 19-29



Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Hermanas Mostert y Arroyo at Lima Peru Temple.

Hola Familia and Friends,
This was another great week. It had the most amazing start of course with the visit of Elder Bednar on Wednesday. His meeting with us testified to me the importance of the spirit in missionary work, how we should always follow the spirit, as well as teach by it. it was a trying week because we spent 20 hours in the bus traveling back and forth from Ayacucho to Lima, but it was definitly worth it. We ended up not traveling this weekend to the temple, but it was all good because now we have the chance to take more converts next time in Octobre. This week was also great as our investigator Harold continued to progress as he prepared for his baptism (this 5th of September). We also had the chance to visit many less active memembers and see the change in them as we taugh them the restoration of the gospel. We were also able to find many new people to teach through our visits to less actives, as once their testimony began to spark again, they wished to share with their family and friends. 
Lots of Love,
hermana Mostert