Wednesday, August 26, 2015



Hola Familia and Friends.
This week we get to see Elder Bednar on Wednesday and take converts to the Temple on Saturday. Its gonna be a crazy week of travels but amazing experiences too.
The miracle we witnessed this week was thanks to the strong testimony of a member. We were teaching Sabath day obeservance to a family, Mirke and Sully, who had previously told us that they would be unable to attend sacrament the following sunday because money was short and Mirke would have to work. Prompted by the spirit we asked, Hermana Margarita who was accompanying us to share her testimony on how attending church has blessed her family. She shared one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard, sharing how she had to make the sacrafice to close her family stores to observe the sabbath. She testified that her family was always unified, and that even though they couldve had another day of revenue, no matter money was never short in their home. As she finnished her testimony, almost immediatley, the couple said they would be there on time, and began asking us what to wear and what would occuring during the services. The next day, they were there on time to take the sacrament and they both shared the strong impressions of the spirits they felt.
THis week I also ate cuy (guinea pig) on pday! Also our next door neighbors built a house and then had a christening party (see picture) where they climbed on the roof and started throwing candy and people passing by.
Everything is going well down here in Peru!
I love and miss you all, and keep sending me pictures!
Hermana Mostert