Thursday, August 6, 2015


                                         Greetings from Ayacucho, Peru, the greatest place ever.

Her new missionary bag, with a wrong name Sister .MONSTERT!
This week I had two new companions. Because of the holiday (Peruvian INdependence day on tuesday) my new companion couldnt travel until Wednesday night, so I was with Hermana Hansen in Garcilazo (the downtown area of Ayacucho) the first half of the week. My new companion Hermana Arroyo is the best! She is from Cordoba, Argentina and is the funniest, most energetic person I have ever met. This is also her last area, so shes beyond excited that she gets to finnish her mission in paradise. That also means that I get to stay in Ayacucho for atleast 3 more months!! WOOO

This week was abit difficult becuase of my companion being in Lima until thursday, we only had 4 days to work in our area. But we never the less worked our hardest, and I introduced her to many members, and the majority of our HUGE area. Another big change this week was that we got a new ward mission leader, who is very commited to working hard and connecting the members more.

We witnessed countless miracles this week, as besides the fact we had limited time in our area, we were able to find new investiagtors to teach. We were also able to have alot of family history lessons, which I love so much. Anyways I feel so blessed to have a new companion that I have already learned so much from!

Lots of love,
Hermana Mostert