Tuesday, July 14, 2015




Hola Familia and Friends.

Its crazy to think I just finnished my first month in the mission field! Everyday is a blessing and miracles are all plenty. It has been another great week up here in Ayacucho. We had alot of work in both our area and in Family History. We were blessed with 4 new investigators, alot of refereneces and many more miracles. One I would like to share was on Saturday, when we went to visit a less active sister. We were able to set her a goal of when to be able to go to the temple. Then at the end of the lesson she gave us a reference to visit her sister and her family, who she said were both very good people and would benefit alot from the gospel. We thanked her and then promptly left. In the street we saw a cute little family walking by, so we contacted them. After asking them for their contact information, my companion and I were surprised to realize that it was the same family, the sister we had just visited had given us as a reference. I was truly a miracle, especially in the fact that they were very interested in the gospel! We were also given a reference for a family this week from the Elders in our zone, and they are such a blessing as well. They have the biggest intent to follow the saviour, and to ensure a great life built on good morals and values for their new son. They shared with us the moment their son was born and the love they felt, and how they never want to loose that feeling. God prepares people for the gospel, I can truly testify of that.

This week we also went to Quinoua, which is up in the mountains for P-day. It was soooo beautiful. We stopped and took photos at a monument they have for the Battle of Ayacucho, where some little kids sang us the history of the place (for charge of course). Then we played capture the flag for llike 20 minutes until because of the altitude our lungs couldnt take it anymore.

This week is going to be crazy because on friday we leave to go to Lima to go to the TEMPLE!!! I am so excited but for now we have alot of planning and family history work to get done.

Love you all!
Hermana Mostert