Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Saludos familia and friends!


Let me start by saying how excited I am to be here in Armonia. I think everyday I just get more excited. I love it here. Theres definitly alot of work to do and I begin to see how all my past areas have helped me to learn how to help this new area aswell. The ward is great, they are all a little strange but all kind people. Theres been a bit of difficulty getting the ward council together but weve made a plan to try to commit everyone to come by visiting the liders throoughout the week. Anyways this week was a new adventure for me, and Im trying to stay patient trying to learn the area because it deifitnitly is HUGE. But my companions helping me alot and the members are great a supportive as well. This week we were able to find Martin, whose a little strange but understands the gospel super well, we also found Dayanar, who has some cousins who are members and shes really cute with her two little twins. 

As I said, our ward is the funniest, strangest group of people ever, I love them so much. A funny experience that happened this sunday was that this hermana gave a talk and them half way through asked everyone to look under the pews. We all looked and there was candy tapped to the pews. Yes, probably my favorite talk ever. haha

This week for service we took off, and then put on a roof of a house. It was hard work but loads of fun to. So a few weeks ago I learned how to build a house out of brick and now I now how to build an entire house because I know how to put the roof on!! YESSSSS

Anyways all is well here in Armonia just walking alot, seeing miracles, and working hard...and speaking english with my comp. :)

Amo ser misionera!