Wednesday, March 16, 2016


BUENAS Amigos and Friends!


This week was hot, and yet the work continued. And we worked harder than ever. Where should I start with all the miracles we saw this week? This week I was able to witness the power of the book of mormon. Weve been teaching Marcos, whose accepted a baptismal date and is progressing alot. Hes had problems with his eyes lately so his daughter (who previously had told us she wasnt interetsed) has been helping him read the chapters we leave him in the book of mormon. On friday we went to visit him and his daughter came in and said that from reading the book of mormon, she knew that what we were teaching was good and true, and she said she wanted to hear us. I Know without a doubt that the book of mormon is the key of our religion and that the spirit testifies through every word. This week we were also to see the impact of commiting people with authority and connecting them with members as 6 of  our investigators were able to make it to church on sunday. I know the Lord is helping us in every moment to help speed up the work in this area hes trusted us with.

This week we also had the special opportunity to have a meeting with Elder Robbins of the presidency of the 70. It was a great meeting and I learned alot from him, but more from the spirit. I also had an amazing experience there, as the CCM, lima east and lima central were there aswell. I was able to meet one of the recent converts I helped go to the temple when I was in Ayacucho. I still remember in July when she told us that she had started working on her papers. And on Thursday I saw her, Hermana Tenorio, with her nametag on! It made me so happy and she was so happy to see me too! Its crazy how fast time flies by and how many amazing people Ive been able to meet so far.

This week our pensionista made lemon cream pie, and it was so good. Peruvian food in general is amazing, but Hna Milagros´s pie is out of this world.


ANyways all else is going well, working hard, and avoiding the sunburn.

Lots of Love!

Hermana Mostert