Wednesday, December 9, 2015




Greetings from the amazing land of Barrio Bolognesi. Supposedly it is summertime but the nights are still chilly. But there was sun on thursday for the first time in like 3 weeks so that was a pleasently hot surprise.

Anyways this week was great, we went out and worked hard. Training isnt like anything I would have imagined. Mostly because I dont feel like Iam traing, Hna Linares came pretrained, with eagerness to learn and work hard, with one of the strongest testimonies I have ever seen. She is so amazing and I learn so much from her every day we are together. This week we had the opportunities to see miracles as we were able to find Nancy, and Wilbur. Wilbur is the referral from an active family whom accompanied us in the lesson with him. He is so prepared to recieve this gospel. Ive never met anyone who understood the great apostacy so well. He was very eager to read the book of mormon aswell. Not to mention he accepted a baptismal date for the 2nd of January, and came to church this sunday and went to the christmas devotional aswell. God prepared people for the gospel I can testify of that. 

This week we were also able to finally meet the pareja of our investigator miguel. Shes a less active member and hes been attending in caƱete for a year now. We had a married couple from our ward accompany us in a lesson with them yesterday, and bear the strongest testimony of the importance of marriage and their experience and difficulties in getting married to be able to live this commandment. The spirit was so strong in the lesson and Miguel and Lydia then told us that they had all their papers, everything and wanted to get married as soon as possible. But the thing that impacted me the most was that Lydia told us that for her that wedding wasnt so important, that it could even be just them and their witnesses, what she wanted the most was to get to the temple one day. The temple is the house of God, I can testify that and it should be the endpoint of all we do in this life.

Anyways I love this Christmas season because everything testifies of chirsts birth. My invitation to everyone for this season is to take a depth breath, relax during the crazy rush to buy presents, and focus on family and the reason for the season, Our redeemer Jesus Christ.

Lots of Love
Hermana Mostert