Saturday, November 21, 2015


Hola Familia and Friends,
May I begin by saying that is it through the trials and adversities that we come to know how strong we truly are. But it is also through those trials that we realize that the strength we find in difficult times, isnt our own, but comes from the Lord.

 This week my companion and I , aswell as many our investigators faced many trials. Our investigator Delia, who was to be baptize this past saturday recieved unpresidented opposition from her catholic father, who lives about 10 hours away. Satan attacked her from every angle this week and we did our best to help her strengthen her testimony and continue on the path to baptism. Many doubts came last minute and we decided alongside her that it was better for her to be more certain.

 This week we had the great opportunity as well to have the "Plan Rescate" activity with the CCM in our ward. The brand new missionaries came in a huge charter bus to our chapel, where they were pared with one missionary from our zone and a member and then were given a list of inactive members to visit. It was great to see the members eager to help out to visit the less active brothers and sisters in our ward. It was also inspiring to see the enthusiasm of these young missionaries, and it really sparked some energy that was begining to lessen in me. I was paired with the relief society president and her son leaves for his mission this tuesday, so I was able to comfort her somewhat, she reminded me alot of mom. Missionary moms are the strongest women, TE AMO MAMA!

Anyways, all else is going fine in Bolognesi. We are Working hard and slowing seeing the fruits of our labors. The Lord continues to bless us and I am infintly grateful.

Lots of Love.
Hermana Mostert