Saturday, September 10, 2016




Hola familia and friends.

This card is going to be short but i think the included story is the most important thing i need to share right now.

This week my testimony of the power of forgiveness was strengthened. We have been visiting this less active family of Luis and Sara, hes a returned missionary and shes been a member for the majority of her life. Theyre both in their early 30s and have 2 kids. Because of realtionships with memembers and jobs they have been inactive for many months now.  A few weeks ago the bishop begged us to do all we could to find them, he said that the ward needed Luis. For a few weeks we werent able to find them because he was always busy in work. But the bishop had told us to keep on looking and last sunday we were able to find them. We were able to teachs them and what really fuiled their hope of returning to church was their son who would turn 8 in a few weeks. Hno Luis said that he knew he had many excuses for not coming to church but that there would be no excuse for not baptizing his son. So they were they on sunday, sitting all the smiling family together. Happier then we had ever seen them. At night we were able to talk with them about their experience. ANd they shared that when they had arrived to the chapel the bishop had grabed them and hugged them. They had all cried together for a few moments. The bishop knew he would return, and in the following moments he returned his rights back to luis and told him that it would be hard work but that he would be able to baptized his son. As they told us that story there was a glow from both of their faces. He said the bishop told me I could do it and the bishop is going to let me, but what rang in my head was that it was actually the lord gin¿ving him this opportunity. The Lord is forgiving and is always there to welcome his long lost flock back into his fold. 

This is the lords work. The spirit testifies that to me every moment. I love this work, this church and the LOrd.

Hna mostert