Saturday, September 3, 2016



HALLO Familia e friends.

I shall start my letter today with a tiny miracle we saw from street contacting. I mean every street contact is a miracle to me, because who wouldve thought that so many people would let 2 random mormon missionaries come up and talk to them on the street all of a sudden and then give them their address and phone number. Well this week we street contacted a lady named Primitiva. She was very nice, though was very straight forward at sharing that she she super catholic (catolica apostolica) and that she didnt want us to teach her. But it turned out that the missionary had lived at her house years ago. And like 13 years ago they church delivered a box to her house, but the missionaries had already moved so she kept it. She tooks us to her house and gave it to us and inside of this spider crawling, dust covered box where 40 intact  books of mormon in perfect condition!! What a crazy now we have a lot of books of mormon, or mormon bibles as little Primitiva called them. 

This was a good weak as our investigator Jenny, whose getting baptized on the 9th has been progressing alot. But also difficult on the side that we struggled to find investigators, but we were able to see miracles thorugh planining and perserviring. THwe lord is so merciful and blesses us daily.

hermana Mostert