Thursday, September 15, 2016


Woo twas another great week here in Ica Peru.

Despues de lijar paredes en San Juaquin!!!

Well the second half of the week in Ica, because the first half I was in Lima in a training. And my companion stayed in Pisco. So yes I had a very interesting experience traveling 4 hours without a companion with just the elders. It was strange...

BUt yeah once we got back to our area we hit the ground running. Without lots of opposition, yet we were able to stay positive even though we didnt have many lessons this week. But we were able to finally find our investigator Jenny, who was suposed to get baptized last week but fell off the face of the earth 2 weeks ago. 
But shes doing well just with family problems, but nows she working to get baptized the 23rd. 

Funny story we contacted this lady outside a store on saturday and she told us in English that she didnt speak Spanish. So we started contacting her in English. To which she replied in English that she really only spoke Chinese and just a tiny bit of English. Im sorry Mom my mind went black on my Chinese. So I just mentioned about Shanghai, and pulled out a couple of words in Chinese and gave her a pas along card. 

But yeah this week was good, we found a new family of 5! Theyre awesom and 4 of them came to church this Sunday .The parents are married too, which is a miracle here in Peru. Theyre awesome.

well thats it. Keep on keeping on and dont forget to read your books of mormon this week.

Con la hermana Jasmin que acaba de llegar de su mision.!!!