Tuesday, August 23, 2016




saludos from... SAN ISIDRO ICA!! yes the gringa duo continues their legacy!

The sun is bright in Ica and the work continues to march forward. This was a good week. We proved satan that he could attack from every angle but we were there to fight back with dilligence and planning. Our investigators with baptismal dates all had family problems this week and we had many of our origanly scheduled lessons with them fall through. BUt we were still able to find them! Wooooooo even though it did mean having them as backup plans and stopping by their house and calling them in any free minute. But two of our investigatores with baptismal dates, jenny and gino were in the end able to make it to the chapel! wooo.  This week we were also able to find two families! Well able to complete 2 families thorugh find 2 non member husbands of less active sisters. Theres the moment I do l,ove alot in the mission, when a father prays with his wife and children all around him for the first time. The spirit is always so strong and testifies to me that really the gospel blesses FAMILIES. Families are forever, Ive never know is with so much surety. The gospel is incredible and really what a blessing it is to see it change lives everyday. I know that this is the work of the Lord and that we are only called as miniscule instruments to labor, He is the one that performs the miracles and causes conversion. He is my savior, and I love Him for all the tender mercies he allowed me to be a witness of.

LOve you all and remember to send me pictures! 
Hna mostert