Saturday, August 20, 2016



In our area  this week we were able to see great miracles as many members were willing to accompany us and give us refferals of their friends. In particular theres one lesson that stands out. On Tuesday we went to visit our investigator whose getting baptized in a few weeks, Jenny, and a couple from our ward, Jorge and Marlene accompanied us. They really made her feel so welcomed, and it was like instantly they were best frineds and had know each other for a long time. They were also able to realte to her well, sharing their similar experiences as converts and doubts. It really made teaching the plan of salvation less of a lesson, and more of just a connection of doctrine to her needs. Really there is a great difference when the members and us missionaries work together and teach together. The spirit testifies and really lasting friendships and bonds are formed between members and investigators. My favorite part at the end of the lesson was that the brother ended up gifting his hymn book to hermana jenny, it really was a touching moment and a remarkable lesson. 

This week are transfer. Hna Lawrence and I are pretty sure well stay together but well see. Theres alot of work to keep up in San Isidro!

Hna Mostert