Saturday, November 12, 2016



Let me say that really this week has been wonderful. It has just strengthened my testimony that the gospel blesses families. This Saturday we were able to witness the Chavez Family, who my previous companion and I found by contacting the mother in the street, enter into the waters of baptism together. I cannot begin to express my love for this family, for each one of them; Julio, Monica, Valerie and Antonella. Each one of them was able to share their testimony at their baptism, and their words and the spirit felt, testified that they were truly converted unto Christ. It really is amazing looking back, and now seeing them as members of the one true church. I still remember the first day Hna Lawrence and I taught them; they were very receptive and curious. I also remember how Hno Julio kept repeating how he knew all the things we were teaching were good, but that he had been catholic for the past 64 years of his life and that for him personally it would be hard to change. Fast forward two months, he is now baptized, confirmed and even gave the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting yesterday!!! This is the true church, only that is how the spirit has been able to soften this familys hearts and led them to conversion. Really, and what makes us even happier is that they are already signed up to got with the ward caravan to the temple this 3rd of December. The end in mind! That is what the gospel truly is for, eternal families. 


This week besides the excitement of the Chavez family{s baptism, our other progressing investigator Martin, took some very big steps in the gospel. For the last 35 years of his life, he has been smoking many, many cigarettes per day. These last couple weeks weve been helping him all we can, and so has the ward. Hes received a priesthood blessing, and much of the ward and him were able to fast for him. Hes been reducing the number of cigarrettes these past couple of weeks, but this week the miracle occured. On wednesday when we went to visit him, he told us that on monday he woke up and just didnt feel the desire to smoke at all. He said he had even bought candies to eat when he had the erge to smoke, and then proceeded to take a handful of them out of his pocket. He didnt even feel the desire! After 35 yeard of smoking, this whole week he hasnt smoked a single cigarette. The gospel, and really faith does that. He was also able to pass his baptismal interview this week and will be baptized this saturday. 

The work in our area is going good. Although we have been finding alot of new investigators and inviting them to be baptized during our first visits, we have realized that many of our investigors arent progressing and arent accepting baptismal dates. But do not fear, my companion and I have put goals for this week to work on that to continue to find those chosen people who can progress toward baptism. 

Well transfers are this week, and anything could happen. I really hope Ill stay but its all up to where the Lord wants me!
love you all.
Hna Mostert