Thursday, November 17, 2016

LATE GREETINGS FROM.................

First of all SORRY MOM for writing so late in the week. Transfers were monday so our pday was tuesday, but the missionary portal was done tuesday, and we had a training in lima on wednesday, so that is why im not writing until today, thursday.


But guess where I am, this final transfer.....ICA!!! Yes thats right folks, going on a solid 6 months in Ica, and yes I am beyond excited.


This week Martin, the brother of a less active sister (well now newly rescued) Lourdes, was baptized! Really just another great miracle. At the begining of this transfer to be honest I wasnt sure if we were going to keep visiting Martin. We had been visiting him the past 2 transfers and his progress was very slow. He was reading his book of mormon on and off, and coming to church now and then. So when my new companion arrived and our lesson with him came, I told her that during the lesson wed figure out if wed keep visiting him or not. We had gone decinding to teach the word of wisdom, we felt the prompting to do so. This lesson the spirit was so strong, as for the first time he was able to open up to us and share that he had an ongoing addiction to cigarettes. And thats when everything changed, when we were able to apply the gospel to help him over come his addiction, thats when miracles occured. He started reading (and rereading) every chapter we left him in detail, he started arriving early each sunday for church, all in his ethusiastic prepartion for his baptism the 12th. In the end his testimony flourished, and his addiction was overcome; after more than 30 years of smoking packs each day, Martin has now been tabacco free for 3 plus weeks. This saturday he was able to share his testimony and his baptismal service was truly a spiritual experience.
This week kept working with the members with a focus on what we realized we needed to improve last week, refferals. We were able to ask for reffereals in every lesson and in every moment and were able to recieve and contact many. Many of last weeks and this weeks finding efforts and successes are thanks to member and investigators refferals.  So this week and every week well continue doing the same!

well take care everyone, love you all!
hna mostert