Saturday, November 5, 2016


HAPPY HALLOWEEN Familia and friends!



This was a good week, well every week in the mission is a great week! We faced many challenges this week with many of our lessons falling through, but were able to see miracles thorugh working with members. Really I have a great love for all the members here in the our ward, they are always willing to accompany us and are worried for our investigators. We were also able to recieve many refferals this week from members, and contact them too. Not to mention I think one of my favorite things was the wards incitative to visit during the week, our family of investigators that are going to be baptized on saturday, Familia Chavez. They really have made  familia chavez feel like a part of the ward family, and its really helped their progress in the gospel, and i know it will help them when they become recent converts or new members in the church soon. We were also very happy this week that all 4 of the chavez family passed their baptismal interviews this week and are beyond excited for their baptism this week. We love this family so much! Personally I am grateful to my heavenly father for the blessing he has given me to be a witness to their conversion. Really, the gospel is what changes individuals and brings families closer together then ever before. I cannot begin to express all the changes Ive been able to witness in them from the moment the gospel entered their home and from the moment they allowed the spirit to enter their lives. The Lord is great and this is His one true gospel, no other doctrine can change behavior or lives the way It does.


Well wish us luck this week, and keep Familia CHavez in your prayers, because satan is sure to get at them this week leading up to  their baptism.
love you all!
HNa mostert