Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Dear family and amigos!

                                                                                  ZONA ICA EN LA HUACACHINA

From the begining of my mission, one of my first district leaders said that we work during the week to see the fruits of our labor on sunday at church. I really do testify of that, and this week my companion and I worked hard, having daily contact with our investigators, to make sure they all had solid plans for church. It really was a blessing and a miracle to see all our investigators who have baptismal dates sitting there EARLY in sacrament meeting. It truly showed that they understood the sacrament and the covenant they are close to making thorugh baptism.

In particular we were able to see this week the continue progress of Familia Chavez, our family of 4 that are getting baptized on the 5th of November. Really, they are such a tender mercy of the Lord, the ask the best questions and accept the principles and commandments we have been teaching them, so easily. This week Hno Julio, the father, summed up why they were now so willing to accept to live the commandments of Tithing, Word of Wisdom , and Chastity; "We have to live it, its part of our covenant." Really, hes going to end up being a bishop, and the oldest daughter of 19 Valerie told us this week that she is set on serving a mission too! We really love this family so much, and so does the ward.

This week more miracles came as we continued talking with everyone, and contacting everyone in the oportune moments. We were able to find 7 new investigators , 6 from street contacts. What a blessing indeed. 
I testify this is the Lords work because if it wasnt there would be no way all these miracles could come to pass.

On a funny side note, October in Peru is the "purple month" where there the streets are decorated in purple to celebrate the saints. Needless to say my companion and I (and the whole ward) was surprised when yesterday a whole street fair was being set up Right outside the chapel, to celebrate the saints. And you guessed it the big event was going to being right at the same time as our sacrament meeting. But not even the canons they were shooting off, and the loud rendition of the Lords prayer to the tune of that one Simon and Garfunkle song, take away the spirit from our sacrament meeting. Yes satan is good, but the spirit works stronger. muhahaha

Anyways thanks for all your love and support.
hna mostert