Saturday, October 22, 2016




Buenas tardes amigos and family!!

May I say the Lord really just puts us in the right place at the right time. This week we were able to witness countless miracles, of finding new investigators by following the promptings of the spirit and going to a door, even though we didnt know why. In particular I testify that sometimes we have difficulties finding because we lack faith. BY thursday this week we hadnt found any new investigators and we were getting a little worried. SO when we went out thursday, we left in a spirit of prayer with the determination to find new investigators. It was a tough day and many of our plans fell through, but we continued, we didnt have any plans left but a family history lesson at 8pm, but we knew we would find some one that the Lord was preparing for us. We felt we should go see if Julia, a lady we had contacted in the street a few weeks ago but ran into this past week, was home. Julia wasnt home but her daughter Reina, and Reina´s daughter flavia was. It was a miracle to find them, the Lord had prepared them and they sat there eagerly as we shared with them about the Book of Mormon. They were eager to read and find out more and they even accepted the invitation to be baptized this following month. We were able to find various other investigators by visiting many of the new names of less actives that the bishop has given us, he really has the keys for the ward! 
It was also a great week because our family of investigators, Familia Chavez are progressing alot. They came to stake conference sunday and the mother and father and oldest daughter went ot the adult session saturday. All the lessons we have with them are so full of the spirit. My favorite moment this week, was when we asked the mom, monica if she had prayed again to know if the book of mormon was true. SHe looked at us with tears in her eyes and told us she had and that she knew without a doubt that it was true. From there the 2 daughters and the dad also shared how they knew it was true. From there hno julio, the father said about their baptism, when we get baptized we must get baptized as a family. Really the gospel blesses and changes families. 
well that was this week!
hna mostert