Saturday, October 15, 2016



What a week! It just flew by that is for sure. But it was never the less a great week. We were finally able to rescue Luis and Sara, and now they have goals with the bishop to be sealed at the begining of December!! Eternal Families in the making, thats what the gospel is all about. This week we were also able to see many tender mercies and miracles from contacting in the street and talking with everyone. In particular this week, on the way back to the chapel from a lesson far away, we contacted the Mototaxi driver, Freddy, he dropped us off and said the trip was free with the condition that wed come visit his family. And we did on Sunday, him, his wife Carmen, and their two kids, Nicole 10 and Milan 3, were all waiting eager to listen to us. It was truly a miracle and I know the Lord blessed us to find a new family, because of our obedience to the call to open our mouths and share the gospel with all. My companion is also the best, and she followed the spirit and invited the whole family to be baptized! She is fearless and I love her so much and learn so much from her each day. This week we were able to see more enthusiasm from the ELders in our zone in the area of Family History. All but one area in our zone had a lesson scheduled for their recent converts or rescues to come to a lesson. Were glad to see that Family History is once again becoming a priority and something very important, as it should always be. Even though all of our 6 family history lessons fell through we were still happy that the Elders at least are trying their hardest to bring to family history.. Well that was basicalyly the week. It went by fast and may i add that the SUN is unforgiving. Si mama me estoy poniendo bloqueador, pero todavia me estoy poniendo morenita. Well yes people say its spring, but I feel like its summer in the middle of the desert.because Ica is the middle of the desert. Well hope all is well, and sorry for no pictures, ny camera had a virus. But were headed to the huacachina today so stay tune for good pictures next week.
I love being a missionary!
Hna Mostert