Thursday, November 24, 2016


HALLO familia and friends.



Seeing that the last letter I wrote was on Thursday, this one will be a little shorter than usual. These last couple pf days have been good. Especially we were able to work hard with the members to make sure that our investigators with baptismal dates could make it to sacrament meeting. However now we have a new focus, helping investigators and less active members stay the whole block of church. Ironically, my companion and I both gave talks on the topic this sunday in sacrament meeting, and still manny of them took off after the sacrament meeting or after the gospel principles class. Our goal is to make sure our commitments include staying for the 3 hours and our plans for church include someone to stay with them in each hour aswell. Well beyond that weve been working hard in the sun, and discovering new parts of our area, where weve been able to find new investigators and less active members. One specific place is called Cachiche, which is VERY different from the rest of our area; its not very developed, and there are no roads and the houses are all made out of adobe. But the people weve been able to teach and contact have been very receptive so were excited to see this part of our area start to progress. Well beyond that this week my companion and I could see our teaching together improve, as we practiced more on what we had observed needed improvement in the lesson. This week the spirit was strong in our lessons, and I know the Lord is beside us at every moments. 


well today were off traveling to Lima for another training. Im gonna be honest, I am now a regular in Soyuz, the bus company, and all the people on the buses know me (the drivers, the ladies who sell snacks haha).
But yes that was our week!
Hna Mostert