Thursday, December 8, 2016




This was a good, yet short week. Due to our trip to Lima for the leadership training on Tuesday, this week flew by even faster than usual. Nevertheless, we worked hard to make up for the 2 days of travel that we were outside our area. We were able to find a new family! Its comprised of the daughter of our rescued sister, and her non-member couple, who have a little 3 month old baby girl. They are very young, both 18 (though they look alot younger), but are both willing to make all the necessary changes to make sure their daughter grows strong in the gospel. They both demostrated this desire by attending church this sunday and accepting our invitations to continue reading the book of mormon (she had shared a bit with him previously) and being able to prepared to be married. They are great, they are very young but i know God has a plan for them. This week we were able to see the Progress of our investigator, Betsy, as shes been reading and praying more fervently, and was able to feel the spirit very strongly at the Elders baptismal service saturday. She now has a stronger desire then ever to preapre herself to be baptized aswell this next month of december. We were able to see many fruits of our labors sunday, when almost all the less active members weve been teaching showed up early for sacrament meeting. Yesterday, hno Julio, who was baptized a couple of weeks ago with his family, received the Priesthood! We saw his after he was ordained and asked him how he felt. He replied that he felt really good, but now he knew he had a great responsibility and that the next step was preparing for the Melchezidec Priesthood. The way he said it, the spirt just testified that he knew and understood his convenants with God. Really this was a great week because the spirit guided us and testified in countless moments.

Well this is a great week because on Saturday were going to the temple with recent converts from ICA!! Woo and even though well have to leave at midnight on friday to get there early, and we probably wont sleep alot on the bus ride, we are so excited!!!!!! The temple is the best and its really something that strengthens the testimony of a recent convert, and all members in general.

hna mostert