Thursday, December 8, 2016


This was a great week, and it finished off great as well with a a Saturday trip to the temple with our converts and rescues, and then the Sunday First Presidency Christmas Devotional. The Christmas spirit really began to fill the air this week, with the beginning of the Christmas initiative, Ilumina el Mundo. We were able to begin contacting with the Christmas pass along cards, and people are really alot more receptive this time of the year and weve had  some great contacts. We were also able to find 6 new investigators this week: Cesar and Marta, Rosario, Cecibel, Javier and Piero, all great receptive people were excited to keep visiting and helping to progress. 
WEll this saturday was a very special as we were able to take various recent converts, from our program and from the other program in our ward. The sun came out shining down on the sparkling temple, and just walking around the grounds with everyone, the spirit was so strong. Then as all our converts lined up outside the temple, they mentioned to us their excitement and nervousness at the same time. But then when they came out they all shared their amazement and the spirit they felt. Something changes in a member when they enter the temple for the first time, their eyes are opened a bit more and their testimonies blossom. It really was a blessing to be present in that moment. I love the temple and know that it is the house of the Lord, where he comes to visit.

love you all!
hna mostert