Monday, July 25, 2016


Well well. This week was AMAZING!!!!!!! Really my companion and I still cant belive all the things that happened this week.


WOW. This week was incredible. So many miracles I dont even know where to begin. On monday we were able to see the miracle of being in the right place at the right time. When the sister who was going to accompany us had an emergency at the last minute, we were left without any one to accomanpy us. The by chance we past a CRs house and asked if we could have a lesson at her house. So we invited our investigators Fernanda and Nelida to come. It was an amazing lesson and Fernanda accepted to be baptized! Then just by chance, one of the Crs friends walked by and said she had felt like she was just ment to stop by. So we taught her and shes great! Then on tuesday also visiting a less active sister we were able to find her frined sonia, who also just happened to be there. and shes amazing and accepted our invitation to be baptized. And wait theres more. Really to many miracles. On wednesday we visited nelida and fernanda again and asked them if they had prayed about the book of mormon. Nelida said there was one night where she was tired and felt prompted to read and pray. She said she just got the stongest feeling after that it was all true and this was the one true church. Then we asked Fernanda who said she had been in a catholic church that week and felt the impression she should pray and ask if the book of mormon was true. SO she did and something told her to get out of the cathedral that moment because the mormon church was the only true one! What a blessing really that God has let us be present in miraculous moments like these. Then on thursday during our service at an elderly womans house, her grandson came to talk to us wondering about the church. We taught him the resotraion and he accepted to be baptized too! Then on friday we street conacting a sister, katy from her window and were ableto find her too and have a lesson to teach her and her husband this week aswell. On Friday night on an intercambio with Hermana Perreyra we were also able to find Martin, the brother of a less active sister. He was great and accepted our invitaion to be baptised. Really and crazy miracle filled week. I testify the Lord prepares the way, and his work. He has blessed us greatly and we will continue working hard to see miracles and the fruits of our labors. 

thursdays peruvian independence day. SO happy birthday Peru. Fireworks go off every night, its crazy.


Well thats it folks, hope all is well and keep working our your family history!
Hermana Mostert