Thursday, July 7, 2016

Let freedom ring from AMERICA to Lima!!!!!!!!!!

Dear friends, familia and countrymen.


Happy Freedom day oh great nation! My companions and I are going to celebrate eating pizza, and baking good old patriotic cookies. Happy 4th of July to all!

Let me start by saying that the mission is just the best and I think everyday I see the great difference in myself. Before the mission, I wasnt that shy but I wouldnt ever imagine that Id be where I am now, talking with everyone. In particular Id like to share an experience we had this week. On the way home from the multizone conference we took the train. It was very full!! To the level that i had to literally push my companions in. Then when we got in, tightly packed like sardines, I heard something tell me ¨preach to them all¨, ofcourse first i thought this to be a little absurd. But i followed the prompting and did it. In aloud voice I introduced myself and my companions and explained who we were and our message of the restauration. It really was a marvelous experience, many didnt pay attention, but those who did I know felt something. 

This was another great week. We were able to recognize that sometimes we just have to be patient, and let people take their time. Conversion is a process. We were able to realize that two of our investigatores needed more time to strengthen their testimonies. THey told us and we realized it aswell. This week we continued working with our 15 less active families that the bishop has assigned us and continued contacting everyone! The spirit was very strong during this weeek and we were able to recognize how weve grown as a companionship.

we also went to the temple!