Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Greeting from ICA. Yes the sun as we speak is blazing outside.

Well this week was a genuine surprise. We were both excited to work hard and hit the ground running this new transfer but had to work thorugh a few difficulties. one that we were only in our area about 2 full days this week because of trainings and travel to Lima and back. But never the less we did all we could and relied on the lord when all our back ups to our back up plans fell thorugh. We were able to find two new investigators this week, Fausto, the husband of a less active sister weve been teaching. Hes great and has read the book of mormon before! Then we also found Flor, who is the sweetest ladY i think Ive ever met. She was reluctant to expect many of our inviations because of her catholic background, but when she offered the closing prayer The spirit was SO STRONG. We just stayed there in silence for a few moments because we knew she could feel it and we then asked her how she felt and she said she felt peace like none other. She recognized the spirit and I know that something is very special about her. 

This week with the little time we had in our area I was able to get to know San Isidro 2 a bit better. And may I add that its huge!! Also that the limit of our area is the sand dunes..isnt that crazy? SOmetimes were just walking in the hot sun during the day, right under the sand dunes and I really question if im still in Peru or if im in Egypt.

Well thats all for now folk! Love you all
Hermana Mostert