Saturday, July 2, 2016


Esta semana tuvimos una actividad de historia familiar con toda nuestra zona! Aqui esta la zona San Juan con nuestros libritos ¨mi familia¨.


This week in particular we focused as a companionship to be able to contact a lot more people in the steet, we had been contacting people before but we realized we could be talking with alot more people. It really was something that strengthened my testimony and helped me to remember that I truly dolove the gospel and want as many people as possible to come unto it! This week really got me thinking as well of the importance of being on time. Our investigator who has been progressing, Juliana, this sunday showed up about 15 mins late to sacrament meeting. Which made my companions and I said because she couldnt participàte of the sacrament. However it got me thinking about how we usually show up 10 to 15 mins late to our set appointments with her. If we cant arrive on time for an appointment with an investigator, how can we expect them to be on time? I realize to demononstrate the importance of being punctuals, we need to give the example first. So thats a goal for the week, be more on time! This week we were able to find 3 new investigators, Mayra (whose husband we have planned to find tonight), Marcial (the pareja of a MA CR), and Teodolio, the father or a street contact. They were all a miracle to find.

lots of love

hermana Mostert