Monday, June 22, 2015

AYACUCHO week 1:Seamstresses,Dirt and Trujillo!!!!!!




Hola Familia and Friends!
First of all, Happy Fathers Day Daddy! I love you tons. We got an amazing opportunity on fathers day, cause we got to see the Dedication of the Trujillo, Peru Temple (via internet). It was incredible, Elder Bednar and Pres Utchdorf spoke and the spirit was so strong. Not to mention Pres. Utchdorfs Spanish with a German accent haha.

Anyways this was a busy, but incredible week. We got to teach many lessons to investigators, members, less active member, and I learned so much on missionary life in general. The greatest thing this week (because there were so many) was that we found 4 new investigators, who we all found strangley because we stopped by two sewing shops randomly. They are the most incredible people, who have gone through undescrible difficulties, and have been searching for God and Christ for the longest time. The Lord truly prepares some people so well to recieve the gospel, its mindblowing. Everytime we teach any of them, the spirit is so strong, and their longing to follow Christ is so sincere. It testifies to me that we are doing the work of the Lord.
In other news, Im getting to know Ayacucho more and more each day. More specifically the steep hills in our zone, steep, dirt covered hills. Needless to say Hna Ramirez and I have had our shares of slip and slides down the dirt. BUt we just laugh it off. The lord protects his missionary, so no injuries here! Just everything I own now has a comforting layer of dirt.
A funny thing that happened this weeek was that we were walking to a lesson, when we literally ran into a Cathlotic parade for some saint. The streets here are so small that the only way to get around it was to go through it. The old little ladies in their traditional outfits and the little grandpas playing their instruments, were all happy to see us and just danced around us. Hna Ramirez and I were cracking up the whole time. Imagine that! two mormon Missionaries in the middle of a cathlotic parade!
Anyways, this week I have been chased by numerous dogs, chickens, a herd of sheep, a group of bulls, and a monkey, But I have yet to see a single llama. I am beginning to think they simply a thing of Peruvian legend.
Love you all, and I love being a missionary.
Hermana Mostert