Saturday, June 20, 2015



Hol-a Famila!!
Que cren, ya sali del CCM! Aprendi mucho pero ya estaban lista para salir al campo.
So yesterday I left the CCM at 6 and then we got dropped off at the mission home, which is part of this HUGE chapel in the South side of Lima. There I got to meet President Douglas and his wife (hopefully they sent you the picture), and we had a training on the mission till like 3 in the afternoon. But the feed us Subway so it was all good (I can just hear mom cringe at the sound of that haha). Then we found out what areas we were all going to and who our companions would be. My companion is Hermana Ramirez from Colombia, and I swear she is my long lost Columbian sister because we imediately hit it off. Shes a little ball of energy, a hard worker, and committed to this work completly. And were in what is know as the best part of the mission, that everyone wants to go to.. .AYACUCHO. So though we had to take a redeye 10hr bus ride, and ive had around 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours it is completly worth it. It is so beautiful here, up in the mountains surronded by steep little streets, colorful houses, and all the little Peruvian cholitas (these old ladies that walk around with flat rimed hats, braids and only speak ancient Quetchua). Anyways on top of being with the best compainion ever, in what could easily be the Middle Earth of Peru, we are also the area family history missionaries. Which means that we help member do family history every wednesday, thursday, and saturday night. Also we get to take families down to the temple in Lima once a month!! I am so excited!
Anyways, I havent had any experiences teaching here in Ayaucho as weve only been here a few hours, which have been spent at zone and district meetings. But I did have a chance in Lima to teach with a sister from a branch there, to a few less actives, and was able to give my first book of mormon away to this cute 16 yr old investogator. She started reading it immediately and couldnt stop thanking me, stuff like that just makes all the long hours of studing and practing worth it. Theres nothing like feeling the spirit touch the heart of someones whose been looking for it for a long time.
Anyways, i was great to hear from you guys and Im glad all is going well.
Mama, di le a la tia Geo que ya he comido ahi de gallina y muchas de las otra comidas peruanas que me dijo de.
Los amo mucho,
Hermana Mostert
ps still no llamas