Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hola family and amigos!

Sabroso Curry!!!

The sun is still burning us up, and so is the spirit!

This week we had the special opportunity to see the world wide missionary broadcast on wednesday! It was great to recieve guidance from our living apostles. The put a great focus on returning to the basics, a focusing on Preach my Gospel, which is something my companion and I are working to put in practice into our area as soon as possible.

My companions health took a toll for a couple of days, but through rest and talking through some problems we were both able to work through it. I pray for her everyday. She also got a mean case of lice this week, which ment Hna Mostert became Hna Mostert Hairstylist, as I had to cut about 6inches of her lovely black locks off. But all is good we are both lice free!

 This week we walked and walked. Many of our lessons fell through, but we werent discourage! When Sunday came everything just seemed to fall into place. We, alongside our investigators, were able to feel the spirit through the sacrament. Then in the afternoon we were able to find Daniela, the niece of an active member in our ward, and have lessons with Miguel, Daniel and Wilmer. We were able to see a recent convert family, Familia Marcos, Whom are preparing to be sealed in the temple, Accompany us in a lesson with Miguel and Lydia, and testify of the gospel and future temple blessings in their lives. we were also able to see the 1st consouler to the bishop befriend our investigator Wilmer and even have him over for lunch at his house! Wilmer is progressing alot and on a clear path to his baptism next month! We are working our hardest but know there is alot of room to improve, we pray daily for guidance.

Anyways all else is well!
Hermana Mostert.

ps i made curry on sunday for my comp and I and it was tasty