Thursday, February 11, 2016

Febrero means HOT in Lima :

Buenos Dias Familia and Friends,

This week went by very quickly and very smoothly. I was able to get to know my companion a little bit better and we were both able to support and help each other improve in different aspects of missionary life. We were also able to go out and search, search, search. Which we were able to see many miracles and blessings. In particular one night, when all our backup plans we decided to look for a less active brother that a member had given us the refferal of. We finally found the house, and while there was no doorbell, we had to yell abit to see if Alonso was home. Out of one of the windows popped the head of a woman in her late 30s who told us that he wasnt home. We started asking her her name and contacting here and found out that her mother lived in the US and was a member. We came back 2 days later and taught her, Sara and her son! They were both very interested in the book of mormon, and they are both so kind and receptive. Now we just have to find Saras husband, who wasnt home that time. We wont stop till we get this cute little family to the temple! 

Anyways we were also able to have a bitter sweet moment this Sunday, when we were able to see Hno Luis, the brother we helped reactivate a little over a month ago, recieve a calling! Also he also got up and bore his testimony! Its little moments like that when I can really see how the gospel can cause great changes of hearts. 
This I had a funny experience, carrying bricks for 2 hours. We went to a members home to lend service and my companion and I made an assembly line. It reminded me of old factories in the U.S. So then I proceeded to explain all the history of the Industrial revolution and factory work reform history of the US to my companion, who was surprisingly very interested. But the funniest thing was that there were some people outside fixing a fridge and they came in and sat down and listen to my historical schpele. Haha it was actually great.
Well that was the week in a nuttshell. Working hard in the heat and relying on the spirit in every moment.